Atheists What do you think about Deepak Chopra's Book?






What do you think about Deepak Chopra’s book Life After Death The Burden of Proof. He has proof!


  1. I think he’s a con-man and I do not like how he tries to lead creditability to his rants by claiming Quantum Physics backs him up when it most certainly does not.

  2. Deepak Chopra is an incredible guy, but he’s not the kind of theist we need to dismantle. Cosmic Christ type people know that God is at best a human quality. It’s the ones who think God’s out there somewhere biding his time to F us up that need to be stopped.

  3. I own it. It sits on a shelf in my closet … a left over from my new-age days when I was desperately trying to find a spiritual fit. So glad those days are over.

  4. The stress that comes with the idea that death means total extinction is driving people to find some consolation in an afterlife, even when they know that there is no such thing as an afterlife

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