Atheists what do you think about Astrology, numerology and horoscopes ?

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Do you think they’re a bunch of nonsense or do you think they can be accurate sometimes ?

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Got Proof?

That first thing you mentioned.


crap, crap, and more crap.




Nonsense is a very polite and non-offensive way to put it.
Another would be pure poppycock bullsh*t only believed by gullible twats.

Slappy Slapowitz

Ridiculous, all of them.



Thor's Holiday

In my personal opinion, they are absolute rubbish.
(But they can be entertaining, like tabloids.)

Anonnie Mouse

Fun nonsense.

Sirensong sunshine

A busted clock is right twice a day
Of course they are nonsense

Slightly Ravenous

I think they are entertaining 🙂


its vague and could mean anything that applies to anyone

Your mother

their members of the peanut family i believe


I think its a form of entertainment. Nothing to make decisions on.


Nonsense…but they are fun to read.


shapes in the clouds, shapes in the clouds.


I think they’re effing nonsense.

Prodigal Dogstar

When they’re accurate it’s in the same way that a broken watch is still right twice a day.
Ah, Sirensong, you beat me to it.

Captain Obvious

They are entertaining.
Most of the time they are wrong and sometimes they are right.

Mooseseatto (got eaten by trolls)

Nonsense, its like saying a soda cap can accurately predict your future.


Personally I don’t believe in any of that either, nope.
I’m 100% free of woo. (At least as far as I’m aware…)


This is obviously going to differ from atheist to atheist. The majority are likely to dismiss all three of these. I don’t take them seriously, except to say that events in our lives come in patterns, and its possible that you can predict certain aspects of your life based on the timing of things and other events. Still, there isn’t anything spectacular or worth while about astrology, numerology, or horoscopes, accept to say that they can sometimes be fun.

Vintage Barbie

Astrology, numerology and horoscopes are absolute nonsense.


LOL…. pretty much sums it up.
It would be stranger if they were ‘never’ accurate.
If you make totally random predictions, you are bound to be right, ‘some’ of the time.




It’s an illusion that plays with chance, and people buy into it because we are natural duelists.

Sean Parling

Nonsense, but still more logical than Christianity

Jabber wock

A potent mixture of mumbo AND jumbo.


Sure, they can be accurate sometimes.
Also see: broken clocks.

Rebecca Laurie

People who claim to read star signs, meridian lines, tea leaves, minds and so forth are not plying a skill.
They are either lying or mentally ill.
I also think that “psychics” who prey on the parents of dead children should be drawn and quartered.
It’s not okay to lie to heartbroken, devastated people whose lives have already collapsed.


ASTRONOMY, is spoken of in the Bible and is one of the many ways the Lord was telling us to learn science and study the stars, the wise men found Jesus and His day of Birth by studying the stars, but astrology is of satan, it satan taking Gods astronomy and making statements which arte not true! The different horoscopes and birth signs are truly based on the seasons of earth, peoples characters are affected by the seasonal foods and atmosphere of earth changes, born in the fall spring or winter effects the soul/birth! So satan tried again to steal Gods science and make all think it was evil to study the stars, when the Lord made sure we did so! He is Amazing! For proof of all Science being God inspired and even created by Him….go to your yahoo search engine and type in “Word In Classic Painting” and the list of websites that pop up the site with the same phrase in its listing “Word In Classic Painting”” enter into it, and on the about page near the bottom are many proofs, even pictures of satan/death/unclean spirits fought by Adam and Our Lord Jesus Christ! You must be of an age to visit this Epic gathering website where Gods mystery if now finished, and His code/key for the now end of premature aging and sickness Rev:21:4 is exposed, Gods enemy exposed for what it was/is merely an unclean spirit! Contact page is for questions, and for proofs being sent and received and for declaring your gathering….IT HAS BEGUN…The Epic gathering


As a skeptic I realize they’re all fake. Forer effect and such.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


They are as accurate as broken clocks. Every now and then they accidentally get the right answer but for the most part they are wrong. Mostly they are done in a way to make them universal. Horoscopes are notorious about this. They will write up a horoscope so that it does not matter who reads it or what their signs are. The people who read it will think it applies to them.

Smokey Dahuman

I think they are accurate like a broken clock is accurate twice in a 24 hour period.
It seems to me these systems survived because of the random accuracy.
EDIT: just realized half the answers used the clock analogy.


Proven nonsense, proven nonsense, and proven nonsense.
(by the way, your #1 and #3 are the same thing)
They can indeed, though, be “accurate” sometimes — just like my broken cuckoo clock gives the accurate time twice a day 🙂


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