Home Discussion Forum Atheists, what are your thoughts and opinion on meditation?

Atheists, what are your thoughts and opinion on meditation?

not to single out atheists, but I was just wondering on a general level what your thoughts are on this practice, do you find it to be as pointless as prayer? Do you meditate yourself or have been planning on it or do you agree and disagree on different forms of meditation?


  1. Meditation to me seems like a way to relax and ease stress
    and maybe used as a way of pondering on the problems you face in your life and reflect on them…

  2. meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and de-stress, numerous studies have shown the practice to have measurable medical benefits, I personally meditate at least once a day for about an hour or so

  3. This has nothing to do with being an atheist but:
    Meditation is thinking. Some people use the term to mean being quiet and calm to relieve stress. No magic is involved.

  4. I don’t think it really does anything other than help calm the mind in a crazy noisy world. But that’s not a bad thing.
    I don’t meditate, though I do enjoy my peace and quiet.

  5. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► McLo◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

    it’s nice to de-stress.
    but forget any spiritual relation.

  6. I am atheist and also practice meditation.You don’t have to meditate on god, just concentrate on your breath, t is a zen technique. There is nothing religious or spiritual in meditating in my opinion.

  7. I’ve tried meditation a few times. Very relaxing.
    When I get severe migraines, I will try to force myself into a semi-meditative state to escape the pain that would normally have me begging for death.

  8. meditation stimulates the release of beta-endorphins–to the atheist it gives a feeling of well being–to a religious person this natural opiate induced high makes them think they are in contact with god. In reality they are in contact with a natural opiate.

  9. I don’t have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish by doing it. The Samurai used it to quite good effect I understand.

  10. It’s great stuff. Find the method that suits you.
    The rhythmic motion approach works for me (I’m a runner) – it keeps you aware of sensations and then you can, by contrast, notice thinking as it arises. When you see thinking then give it no interest, it will stop, and return to sensations. This practice works very quickly to enable you not only to see your thinking every time it arises but to disable it too. It’s marvelously effective. The downstream benefits happen on their own and they make all the difference in life.

  11. I’m an atheist and I’ve been practicing meditation with good effect for the past 30 years.
    There’s lots of different ways to use meditation – as many as there are people to use it 😀
    Many teachers are completely non-religious in their approach. Others, it’s all about religion. Pick and choose (your poison or your potion…)
    If you’re interested in meditation without a religious slant, check out the source below:

  12. atheists are VERY closed-minded. They will not ‘believe’ in anything outside of ‘themselves’ as creators. They don’t believe in Karma, God, meditation, reincarnation, ANYTHING. They refuse to believe in ANYTHING AT ALL.
    You won’t get good responses from atheists – they are known as the ‘angriest of angry people’ – maybe that’s why so many of them are depressed and sick all the time. Being angry at every religion in the world surely cannot be good for you! LOL but they still do it. Total weirdos.
    They remind me of the kids in high school that dyed their hair black & wore dog collars & trenchcoats – just for attention. Negative attention, but attention nonetheless.


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