• Actually NO one really understands this. Even electricity is elusive……the flow of electrons…..Consciousness has been said to be an ILLUSION by some and GOD by others. The You behind that which you experience or the EXPERIENCER is elusive and seems to be an illusion as well like the EGO…….I believe what the Vedanta Hindus say about being ONE TRUE SELF called god…..the one universal self……and the one true ATOM being the universe……that kind of works for me sicne i believe that all humans channel a unique perspective of a universal self.

    BORAT notice how these ATHEISTS all have a chip on their shoulder and took it so personal……..notice the sardonic ad hominem way they answer you. I am convinced that THEY lack something. Ever Dance or make LOVE to an atheist…….they are so DETACHED from their bodies they actually have to THINK about how they move. Watch them try to DANCE same thing….they THINK about the MOVES….they do not TRUST the higher intelligence which is channeled through their body(subconscious).they just don’t get it.
    Christians on the other hand may GET it but the fact that THEY take the bible literally tells me they really don’t try to FIGURE it out……..which is not always a good thing…..to just accept anyone’s explaination…O well bye

  • sorry, your question makes no sense. Are you saying that since I am atheist, I have some part of me missing that is present in theists? If you actually understood, evolution, you wouldn’t ask about how our consciousness evolved

  • That question is way above my intellectual level. Matter of factly there are probably few on the planet who have the ability to answer that question.

  • What controls the brain? WTH dude lol. Like I’m only in 10th grade, but I’m guessing blood and oxygen flow through the brain and help control it. That’s why you pass out when you hold your breath lol.

    But I still like have no idea what you’re talking about, so you know, ignore this answer if it makes no sense.

  • It’s the sum total of all the electrical and chemical activity in your brain. Nothing ‘controls the brain’ – the brain *is* consciousness. It’s self-contained, complete, doesn’t rely on anything to control it. There is no little man in there driving it.

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