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Atheists only…….?

I am having a spiritual crisis….I am not sure I believe in anything anymore…..
My questions for you are:
1. Do You feel a sense of connection to the Earth?
2. What brings you fulfillment on a mundane level?
3. Do you have any rituals that bring you hope and optimism?
My loss of belief leaves a defeated feeling, I am certain this is a part of grief/change, but I am lookingfor some spiritual relief.


  1. 1. Yes, of course, we are part of the planet’s ecosystem.
    2. Um, sex, my work (photography), writing, many things.
    3. Nope, don’t do rituals. Everything I do is a fresh experience!

  2. well, it sux not having an imaginary god to give faith and make me feel better, but i like to meditate……and listen to angery music. just do things that make you feel good!!!

  3. I feel a connection because I am part of the cycle that is life.
    As for fulfillment, you can be happy doing nice things for others, being the best person you can, and doing things that make you happy.
    Rituals? Nope. I don’t think there is a purpose to rituals. Kind of a waste of time.

  4. 1. No
    2. having fun
    3. No
    you should consider Paganism(for ex: Wicca) or Buddhism from you’re questions it would suite you

  5. 1. Do You feel a sense of connection to the Earth?
    Yes, I feel connection with my friends and family, even to friendly strangers. I also love the cycle of life. You’re born, you live, you enjoy, have procreate, you die, you remains fertilize the earth to provide nourishment for your offspring and other life forms.
    2. What brings you fulfillment on a mundane level?
    On a mundane level? Yahoo Answers…kidding. I enjoy my hobbies. I enjoy nature and it’s beauty. I enjoy being active. On a deeper level, my career and my (soon to be) spouse.
    3. Do you have any rituals that bring you hope and optimism?
    I don’t really do rituals. I just do things that I enjoy and try to live for myself. I try not to get bogged in any one thing. I do things that make me feel good about myself, even something as silly as a pedicure can make me feel like a new woman. I try to remember that your life is only as permanent as you make it. If I’m not happy with something, then it can change!

  6. I have strong leanings toward Buddhism and I find it perfect for me.
    It’s a surprisingly easy way to live your life.

  7. change is always hard especially when it comes to realizing everything you’ve been told about a god and life after death is a lie. The sense of betrayal and having been used will take a long time to cease, but it will. Then you’ll find joy in existing within the realm of reality as everything starts to make sense. You’ll come to find your own purpose of life and it will be more profound than anything you’ve known.

  8. 1.) Yes, probably moreso now than when I was a Christian.
    2.) I get fulfillment from my artwork.
    3.) I don’t have any rituals, although I would like to try meditation, which my friends have told me is very good for clearing the mind and helping you cope with problems better.

  9. 1. No, other than that we all share the planet, so we better at least try to get along.
    2. Seeing my daughter grow into a person, doing well at work, contributing to causes I find worthwhile, stuff like that.
    3. No, but I’m not an optimistic person by nature. I try to be stoic, though I’m not always sucessful.

  10. 1. Like when the Australian Aboriginal says he IS ‘this land’?
    No. I’m just a common garden planet dweller like most people – I take it for granted that I’m alive and do the right thing by all and sundry cos it’s the right thing to do and not cos some fella stuck it somewhere in a second rate book.
    2. I like smiling at people and getting one back – that’s fairly mundane. Oh, and I like bedding women. That too is rather mundane but it gives me much more pleasure than smiling.
    3. I like having a shower after I wake up every morning – it cleans me in prep for the new day.
    It’s rare that I’m not the HopefulOptimist.
    After 60 years on the planet I’ve noticed stuff happens and it’s cyclic – GoodStuff; BadStuff.
    Mostly I’ve had GoodStuff.
    I have some sayings I tell myself when I need to.
    Siht happens.
    This too shall pass.
    Don’t Panic.
    LIFE is all just stuff that happens between Birth and Death; I can attach importance to it if I want but there’s no real need to do so cos other stuff will come along to occupy my mind without even asking for it.
    I learn more from BadStuff than from GoodStuff.

  11. I’m a Buddhist, and I’m enjoying myself. Of course, enjoyment isn’t really the point – the highs and lows of existence balance out, so one should focus on the small things that actually make up the average day, and approach them with appreciation. I feel very connected to earth, and while my form of Zen is not traditional (in any traditional sense) it does make me part of something larger. I have no rituals, and I have discarded all the trappings of the other Buddhist sects. Hell, I may as well be an atheist…

  12. 1. Yes, I feel everything is connected. There’s a reason I feel better in a forest than in a city.
    2. A mix of positive thinking and temporary highs.
    3. Reflection.
    Spirituality is just a misused term for the feelings you can’t explain, but really if you look hard enough the answers are easy to find.
    Good luck.

  13. I am sorry to hear you are having a tough time of it. Maybe things will get better soon. I used to be a Christian, and leaving to faith was very tough for me. My family was upset, and I thought maybe I was becoming a bad person. That is not the case though. I am so much happier and more carefree than I ever was back then.
    1. I definitely feel connected to the earth. I cannot even describe how I feel on a warm summer day at the seaside. I feel a connection when I see nature’s wonders.
    2. My family, my friends, my pets, myself. I feel fulfilled without having to pray to any God for happiness. I am not going to tell you I never feel ‘down’, but for the most part, I can look at all I have compared to what others don’t, and I feel thankful.
    3. No rituals here. I think it is all a mental thing for me. Some people do yoga, meditate, etc. Come up with your own ritual that is fulfilling for you. It could include a spiritual being, but it definitely doesn’t have to.

  14. i kinda stumbled onto your question.i was looking for a song.
    but i may be able to help a tiny bit.here goes.
    *i believe in evolution but i kinda believe in karma but only as long as theres no gods involed in it*
    * i cannot answer for all athiests.everyone has a different lifestyle*
    1. i feel a connection to the earth.not in a oh god i must hug a tree way but in a respectful way. you know common curtisy.
    2. i duno what that question means. sorry. i’m just a kid.
    3. my rituals for hope & optimisim? i don’t have one sorry. rituals are a lil too stalker religion for me.my hope & optimism are basically my friends/drawing/music.
    i don’t think i helped but hey i tried.
    good luck with you tough time.
    just believe what you feel.
    hahaha and i’m not a hippy.
    just so you know.
    good luck with your life.


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