Sunday, September 26, 2021

Atheists…Jesus and I are having awesome times of quantum teleportation?

Yes…..He and I have through His sweet Cross become intensely One through quantum teleportation…..we moved past any theory and are now in wonderful free flowing QUANTUM TELEPORTATION as He shines His beautiful face on mine while i adore and caress Him with words of love and adoration…We are dancing in awesome quantum states of love and light…which transport in a quantum teleporting still small voice all the secrets of the universe…This worship in fact is not hindered by the macro or micro biotic levels of the human brain but rather has sped forth into my inner being in quintisential and quantum states of deep space light….i.e. Heavens light…I hope this doesnt confuse you…but Im having a quantum blast on a nucleur spiritual level…..plz advise me with any advice to add to my fortunate dilemna…..


  1. why do you joke so
    you try and compare seeing the face of jesus with a new age expirience
    im spending my life trying to see the face of God
    have you really seen the face of God
    how has it changed you

  2. And yet you can still type. Go figure.
    What kind of holy space trip are you on anyway? Stop taking that opium. It’s making you irrational.
    Oh, and try to use some punctuation other than ellipses from time to time, will you? There’s nothing more annoying than a Christian who runs on and on and on…

  3. CHRIST IS THE SAVIOR. Therefore He is the Solution, the All-Solution to everything including the problem of finding out the spin of a particle, the spin of a Mirror-Girl whose face is catching the light from the Sun. There is no doubt that atheists and Christians are both right since there is enough room for both on His Cross. Current theories tell us that ALL elemental particles are connected one to another, not as a string of particles, but as a Radiant Star of Strings. However, at the level of the human eye, it looks just as if everything was separate from everything else. Your mind is convinced that it can not possibly be connected to my mind. Little_morph_annie knows better –that is what she is talking about::: the *caress*.
    The caress is the sublime moment when everything comes in contact with everything, allowing for the quantum theory to :::kick::: into action. An electron can be here, a girl can be there… all because of the power of Love. Love is the solution, love is Christ, and I love you all.
    My advice to you, Olive Flower, is to take a big jump.


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