Atheists: Is reincarnation the most logical explanation of life?





How is it possible to have nothing forever, if you do not have everything forever? Is it possible that life comes from death and death comes from life? Everything comes from nothing, and nothing comes come from everything?
ya this was a stupid question sorry it was just a thought had to get out of my mind 🙂


  1. It’s never logical to assert something for which there is no evidence of any kind.
    Besides, “reincarnation” can’t possibly explain where all the “souls” today come from…the population of humans (and other animals) is far greater today than in the past. If all “souls” are recycled, there weren’t enough in the past to support today’s population. Oops.
    Please go get some education.

  2. I believe in reincarnation. I don’t mean when we die and are born instantly. I mean we go to the spirit world and acknowledge everything we have done good and bad in our previous life and what we could have done better, and then we pick our next life that we think will help us more in our soul development. I think reincarnation is the most likely phenomena that we face. I don’t see why we would be here only once for a short amount of time to reach these high standards that we don’t know of, and if we fail we burn for eternity.

  3. You’re just playing with words. When I’m dead, my matter will become part of something else, but it is not me. Our consciousness, thoughts, personality, etc. exists in our brains only. When our brains die, so do we.

  4. Yes, when you die its just like before you where born… and are you trying to make a point here… because i don’t see it

  5. It’s not “nothing forever.” It’s just you that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s possible. You didn’t exist for all those billions of years leading up to your conception, and the universe got along just fine without you then.

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