Atheists: is reincarnation a good or bad thing ?

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Good : well when you reincarnate you get the chance to see the world again and have fun .
Bad : won’t you miss your old friends and families ?

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its not a thing at all


It is a pretend thing.

field marshall dogbitz

the question is null and void. re-carnation doesnt happen so applying good and bad to it is a waste of time

a bro my name is Israel Solorio and i dissagree on you with re-carnation dosent happen…on januray 13,of 2010 i was purposely shot on d left side of my dome, i was 3 monrhs hospitalysed with evry day not takeing chances of survivle I now i stand as new (reancarnated) takeing my walk along god.. i live in norwalk ca my e-mail is liz_ma_ciel@yahoo,com if you have any questions regarding MY MIRICALE of (re-carnation)


There is no reincarnation.


Eh, probably good(if I *had* to pick one), but seeing as how it doesn’t exist, isn’t this a moot point?


How do you know you aren’t ‘reincarnated’?
Who’s to say your memory wasn’t cleaned?
Does reincarnation even exist?
If it does how do you know your life-energy or whatever woo-woo thing won’t come back as a tadpole or a piece of lichen?


It has the same relevance to me as the tooth fairy.


Being that I realize that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, I also realize that when I die, the energy that my body houses will move somewhere else …. that is a form of reincarnation in a very basic sense. Part of something that was once me moving on after I die. I don’t consider it good or bad … just how it is.


Well, I don’t believe in reincarnation 🙂 I would find it neither good nor bad if it existed, but it would definitely be interesting.

One's Own Mind.

If reincarnation is real, you dont remember your last life. Therefore you wont miss your friends and family. You wont feel like you’re seeing the world again, since it will feel like the first time.
So either way, no difference.


i thought if u were reincarnated u don’t have any memory of a previous life. so how could it be good or bad?


I am not atheist, but I want to answer your question. If reincarnation be true, you will change to another thing and with a new life and world and you can not remember your previous life. But, I believe that we will die and have another life that is the continuation of our present life and we will continue to live to reach to the highest peak of perfection.


aahh…I saw the perfect response…”it is a pretend thing’
right there!!!

Pirate AMâ„¢

Good: a nice way to avoid the issue of the afterlife
Bad: Mathematically unsound, no clear mechanism for who and when for recycling.


Some who believe in reincarnation believe that since you’ll be working out karmic issues from one life in the next, you’ll be with the same people anyway.
Besides, you’re not supposed to remember past lives, are you? How could you miss what you can’t remember?


sounds like a type of hell.


Call it what you want. Hebrews 9:27.


If it were real, it would be a good thing:)


It is an impossible thing.


Does reincarnation actually exist and what are you selling? If you reincarnate isn’t it possible to come back as a tree?


You guys should watch ” Enter the void” it’s about reincarnation, dmt and life after death, this film is emotionally devistating bewarned. But still awesome.


It would be good to correct mistakes you have made


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