Atheists, if you don't believe in God, then how can you explain consciousness?

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Maurog III

Conscious beings have an advantage over non-conscious ones.
It’s a survival trait!

Fizzy Roboto

Brainwaves and genetics, deriving from generations of evolutionary darwinian impulses.

Fundie Peculiar


eric k

Electrical activity in the brain.
This same argument from ignorance used to be made about blood circulation and other bodily functions.
The “God of the Gaps” keeps getting smaller and smaller. You have to know this is bad theology.

thecrocoduck (RAWR)

Can you you define consciousness in way that is explainable. The term has many meanings.

Donna Le

i’m not atheists, but how does consciousness pertain to god? Consciousness is the ability to experience due to the evolution of the human mind.


Nature. Simple as that.
How can you explain the existence of god when there is NO evidence.


It’s not a supernatural process so no supernatural input is needed!


I want to hear your explanation first, and I won’t accept the answer ‘it’s from god’ because that isn’t an answer at all, is it?

gibbonboy - flying moon monkey

Electrical interaction between neurons in the brain.
Why, how do you explain consciousness? Oh wait,god did it! How silly of me.


uh, God isn’t an explanation for consciousness anyways. Consciousness in individuals is one of many traits that can increase the survivability of a population, and awareness can develop in stages.
Consciousness is proven to be material. Brain damage effects consciousness, and if someone lacks a brain, they lack consciousness.
Glad to enlighten you.

ex-liberal atheist

Excellent question. I’ve thought about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that IF there is a god(a creator anyway), then he wants us to be aware and to choose. That’s it. So really, I’m an agnostic EXCEPT that I’m not agnostic enough to entertain a logical impossibility (such as an omnipotent entity who loves us). That the Abrahamic religions define their god in such a way is not my fault. You guys basically said “I want my religion to be completely unbelievable except on grounds related to desperate fear and/or childhood brainwashing”. Now, you take another god, say ‘Thor’ who doesn’t have words with ‘omni’ prefixed on them and isn’t so easily disproven on purely logical grounds, and I am more of a ‘skeptical agnostic’ or ‘agnostic atheist’ (as opposed to ‘gnostic atheist’).
These issues by the way, awareness and choice, are where atheists should be saying “I don’t know”. There’s meat computer (the brain gets an electrical input from the nerves attached to sensory organs and then it takes the input and runs it through some programs and spits out a response) and then there’s AWARENESS of what goes on in the brain. We could do everything we do (with the possible exception of think about awareness and choice) WITHOUT awareness and choice. This area of discussion and the Stalin one and a few others are why I’ve come to the conclusion that atheists, as a group, are capable of being just as closed minded as the thumpers they oppose. Similar results with gays, women, blacks, Mexicans… now, don’t get me wrong: I was raised liberal (not saying that’s the perfect thing, just that it puts this all in context) but ‘my people’ have shown me that when the chips are down, they’re no better than the people they oppose. Now, that anti-gays, Christians, Muslims and racists (of every race) are @$$holes just seems too obvious to mention, but I know that if I DON’T mention it, some of you will wonder why I didn’t. So, after many long years, I’ve come to the conclusion that my mother was right about one thing. She said “I’m not racist. I hate everybody equally.”.


I am a bloody good, clever and unique being. I do not need the existence of any god to justify what I am and what I can do.

George Bernard Shaw

With primates the cortex grew into the larger, more complex neo-cortex, adding yet more features to consciousness. The most significant of these was the ability to use symbols. Not only did this ability enable simple reasoning, it also led to a new form of communication — symbolic language.
Chimpanzees and gorillas may not be able to speak as we do, but this is not because they lack something in their brains; they lack a voice. They have no larynx, or voice-box, and cannot move their tongues as freely as we can. But they can use other forms of symbolic language. When taught sign language, such as that used by the deaf, they show a remarkable ability to communicate. Coco, a gorilla in California, now has a vocabulary of more than a thousand words, and composes sentences in sign language.

Grignard Reagent

I don’t explain it. I am not a neurologist and I suspect they do not know either. That is no excuse for gawddidit.




Ooh! You’re good!

Andrew Haddad

If you are referring to the mind and are ability to cognitively think for ourselves. Then it is because there is literal studies of the brain the prove this, but there is nothing wrong with having your own beliefs or opinions. I am getting very sick of your generalizations towards Atheists, even though I am Agnostic. Talk to a priest about these questions, then talk to a Psychology major in college. You will see both sides.


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