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Atheists: If you can only know your own consciousness, is the only logical creator consciousness itself?

know, experience, and prove to yourself, that your own consciousness exists…


  1. A bunch of people who have never met one another in their lives before can describe the same event consistently. That’s frankly too much for one person to make up.
    Another one? That computer sitting right there in front of you. You don’t know how it works. Therefore, it cannot be a figment of your own imagination.
    Get over yourself and spend some time in the Big Blue Room. Solipsism is neither big nor clever. Reality is objective, it exists independently of you and it is not malleable.

  2. How sad to see such an illogical idea!!
    so a kitten, a child, a puppy is born but it does not exist because it has only the desire to suckle and no knowledge of it’s own consciousness?!!
    And when it gets it’s consciousness it made itself without the sex between it’s parents?!!
    Total FAIL!!!


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