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Atheists, if science clears all up, how do you explain the clairvoyant power of crystals?


  1. Lmao…hmm..I guess since I don’t believe in that I don’t have to worry about it. Sort of like how I don’t have to explain how gris gris works.

  2. LOL…and I’m not even an atheist.
    Did you post this question using the internet connection you have in your fortress of solitude?

  3. Crystals do NOT have any “clairvoyant” powers, and science does NOT “clear all up”.
    Your question is inherently flawed … YOU FAIL.

  4. Let me answer your question with a question of my own: How do you explain Big foot?? Hmm? Ya I didn’t think so…

  5. Yes, my crystal dishware often predicts that company is coming and arranges itself on the table for me.

  6. You don’t need crystals to be a pro bulls***t artist. The crystals just make you look like you know what you’re doing.

  7. The only way in which a crystal is clairvoyant is that the electron wave function is a modulated version of a free wave function, so it is almost as if the crystal molecules are not there (at least for crystals that bind weakly).

  8. i can’t explain it but i believe in it. call me crazy, i can care less. i’m Wiccan and i use crystals and stones all the time, and i think they work. im sorry for all the people that have to be rude and mock you for saying things like that. people make no sense to me and i think everyone should be a little more open to other people’s beliefs.

  9. Clairvoyant crystals?
    Clairvoyance is a power of the mind/soul. A crystal,mirror , bowl of water, or whatever is only a focal point for the mind. Despite all the New Age claims, I don’t believe they have any power beyond that. Most of what I have read on crystals is a lot of BS (that stands for Belief Systems) with pseudoscientific backing. I have several large quartz points that I keep simply because they are beautiful. .My wife does psychic readings and agrees that while a focal point may be helpful,they are not necessary. Clairvoyance comes from our oneness with divine Mind that knows all. However imperfectly It is channeled thru us at times.

  10. I knew a clairvoyant named Crystal once! Or so she CLAIMED to be!
    Wait, no, it was a voyeur NAMED Claire Crystal!


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