atheists, if christians would start quoting the tao te ching what would happen?

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no thumbs down for respectful or playful answers from me…

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Why would an atheist know what would happen to a christian. Do you know what is happening to you?

Lilith Raven

They’d get that wrong as well………….

Just Plain Bob

They wouldn’t be Christians then, would they?

Norm D'Ploom

Not much, except christians would start quoting the tao te ching. Simples 😉


That would be like dividing by zero. The Universe would explood.

Return of Wonder Weirdo

I don’t know, maybe he’ll explode. I’d pay good money to see that.


Same grinding tedium ultimately, because the range of interpretation is limitless—just like the Bible. And so, I’m sure the Christian would seize the te ching and claim objectivity, when of course there is none.


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