Atheists: I can appreciate your ways of turning arguments around but they are they ineffective?






Here is what I notice and I do appreciate it:
I ask: Why don’t you believe in God?
Answer: Why don’t you believe in leprechauns?
I ask: Why don’t you accept the idea of a universal consciousness?
Answer: Why don’t you accept the idea of Santa Clause?
To be sure, it makes sense to make such arguments but it does not address the questions I am posing. Help me out, atheists. I love the intelligent responses but I get bombarded with the same old answers.


  1. I’ll give you something new.
    You come across as an elitist jerk who not only is ineffective, but also making your entire religion look bad.

  2. Why don’t you believe in God?
    My Answer: His/Her/Their/Its existence is highly unlikely, and EVEN IF he/she/they/it exists, it doesn’t really make any difference on how I live my life.
    Why don’t you accept the idea of a universal consciousness?
    My answer: The human consciousness is not so powerful as to comprehend the concept of “universal awareness”. An overload of sensory and intellectual information would toast your brains inside out.
    Your turn. Answer those “answers” by atheists.

  3. “I ask: Why don’t you believe in God?
    Answer: Why don’t you believe in leprechauns?

    We’re telling you that the reason we don’t believe in God is the same reason you don’t believe in leprechauns. It’s rather simple to understand really…

  4. i do not believe in god because most texts in which it occurs contain historical and scientific inaccuracies based on ancient superstitions of the “relatively” ignorant people who wrote about it. there is loads of actual scientific proof that shows the bible to be incorrect.
    christians have only theory not evidence

  5. Yeah, there are those sarcastic atheists that would respond to your preaching like that. But I think most people are just tired of presenting hard proven facts, since if a person really believes in God, he’s just gonna ignore all that.
    A creatonist says that evolution is complete bullshit… What do you say to that? He hasn’t done any research, he doesn’t want to listen to any counter-arguments. It would be nice if everyone was on the same page, but I don’t see that happening.

  6. The point that the athiest is trying to make is that your questions are so nebulous and pointless that your motive for asking is being put to question. What the atheist is really saying is “why do you belive in “X” but not believe in “Y” even though they are both illogical?”

  7. I will be honest (as I wish more atheists and theists would be).
    I don’t have all the answers. I would consider myself scientific minded and the answer, “I don’t know.” is acceptable and more importantly honest.
    However that does not make your points fact by default. I expect your facts to be scrutinized and checked by hundreds, maybe thousands of scientists.
    I will not stop my persuit for the truth and I will more then happily listen to ideas of yours (minus the God(s) stuff. Maybe one day I will be able to answer some of the questions you ask, but right now, I don’t know.

  8. It’s a question of finding an answer that is simple enough to explain a complex thought in a few lines. The reason you get nothing new is that there is nothing new to say. Concepts of a universal consciousness are purely philosophical and do not impinge on the physical world. It is just the human mind trying to make sense of the universe. In practice, of course, you cannot “think” whether a creator god exists. Either he does or he doesn’t and no amount of clever wordsmanship will shed one particle of light onto the matter. The only pursuit worth while in this context is to say if there is a god how does he manifest himself. And if science can demonstrate that all the “gaps” are being filled in the places for a god to hide are becoming fewer by the day.
    Eventually the only action which makes sense is to conclude that there is no god.

  9. They are pointing out they cannot believe in something that they don’t believe in. They find the idea of a god as ridiculous as leprechauns and santa claus for whatever reason they have. It’s not turning it around, it’s pointing out why they don’t believe.

  10. Because we are inwardly laughing at your questions… You also gave examples of ones that were completely random. I answered one of those questions and I answered it. On the other hand, I asked questions opposite to yours and no christians answered it. They avoided the questions as these examples have. Funnily enough, only other atheists knew the answers.

  11. Long story short, atheists don’t believe in God because religions can’t come to a consensus on what he/she looks like, how many there are, are what it does, so it’s pointless to really live as though any of them exist. Which is why you often get the leprechaun response. You have no real reason to suggest they are real, so you don’t live as though they do. It’s just that simple.
    As for the second question, let’s say I go along with that, and that the universe intelligently created me. Well, so what? Does not mean that it wants me to worship it, or do anything specific with my life. This idea doesn’t prove the idea of a God anyway……

  12. What us atheists are trying to get to is the reason we don’t believe in a god, santa clause, leprechauns…is because they’re is no intelligent reason to believe in a god. now you answer my questions.
    a)Why do you believe in a god?
    b)Do you believe in a god based on fact? Or do you believe in him because thats what others and a book told you while you were a child

  13. “Atheists: I can appreciate your ways of turning arguments around but they are they ineffective?”
    That’s cos you’re closed minded… ta ta
    Of course you get bombarded with the same old answers..
    Why do you think that is?
    It’s cos you’re not offering anything but the same tired old assertions we’ve been hearing for eons AND you never bring EVIDENCE to the table.
    All you bring is sentimental speculation based on your non ability to deviate from your core programming that ‘god’ exists.
    You are unable to think critically.
    Have a nice time with your comforting thoughts of a ‘god’ who cares.
    ‘Gods’ and magic are the most simplistic excuses ignorant primitives have ever imagined to explain anything.
    We could just as well suggest Noddy and Big Ears, with or without the assistance of Tigger and Pooh, did it cos there’s the same amount of evidence… NONE.
    (1) If evolution is false, then creationism is true, and therefore God exists.
    (2) Evolution can’t be true, since I lack the mental capacity to understand it; moreover, to accept its truth would cause me to be uncomfortable.
    (3) Therefore, God exists.”
    Hundreds MORE Proofs of God’s Existence:
    [[ edit ]]
    Why I am adding more I don’t know; it’s obvious none of it makes a dent in your mind.
    But having read the answers one thing springs out at me…
    You have never seen so many detailed answers to any question that a xian would answer cos he cannot think for himself… all he will do is quote bibel texts.
    ALL xian answer will be based in Grovel or Burn.

  14. your right there starman, i totally agree, i dont see thepoint ‘answering’ if you wont at least try to answer the question
    all arguments are innefective, they are not gonna do what they are ‘supposed’ to do, ie make soemone else either see your side or agree with you
    you cant change their experiences or beleifs same as they cant change yours
    but that argument is valid in response, its just not an answer

  15. If you want a unique answer, you will have to stop re-hashing the same tired old questions.
    If you ask; Why don’t you believe in God? The most common answer is not, “Why don’t you believe in leprechauns?” — In fact the most common answer is, “I do not believe in God because there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that any God exists.”
    If you ask “Why don’t you accept the idea of a universal consciousness?” it is a simple restatement of the first question, and consequently the same answer obtains.
    What part of -No Evidence- is not clear to you? People are simply trying to say it in a way that perhaps you can relate to, either by sarcasm or by presenting the same idea in a reversed context so that you can see that you already know the answer if you think about it.

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