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Atheists: How would you explain the state of enlightenment that many Eastern mystics and sages spoke of?

I know Buddha was considered to be enlightened and did not speak of a god but many of the ancient sages did speak of union with the divine during enlightened states of consciousness. How would you interpret this state?


  1. If I did not eat for three weeks and sat in the middle of the desert completely alone I might be in an altered state that I would percieve as enlightenment too.

  2. A heightened degree of self-control wherein they are better able to lower the volume of their own thoughts is all they have. Nothing more.

  3. what does a higher wisdom have to do with not believing in god? why are you calling out atheists? any ways Buddha called it enlightenment but could it not just be called wisdom. i said he felt he was connected to the divine. but this could have been because his mind was so effective that he felt on the same level as those intelligent people who came before him. if you experienced wisdom like buddha then you could also said it was a union between you and the divine if you believed that about him. when you think of enlightenment you automatically think of something magical and supernatural when it was just a physical state of mind that was achieved through time and patience.

  4. Enlightened is defined as rational; free of ignorance, prejudice, or superstition.
    Most atheists I know fit that description perfectly. Whatโ€™s there to explain? It is simply educating oneself, being open-minded and free of irrational thought. Every enlightened person I have ever met also happens to be an atheist. Atheism goes hand in hand with being enlightened.

  5. And apart from their mastery of controlling the gullible masses what did their claims produce? Medicines? Airplanes? World peace? Of course not!!
    Fantasies produce more fantasy and nothing else!!


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