Home Discussion Forum Atheists: How was human consciousness created from non-living matter?

Atheists: How was human consciousness created from non-living matter?


  1. There’s nothing supernatural about if that’s what you’re implying.
    You think we came from dirt?
    Oh I get it. You’re describing creationism.

  2. All the evidence – and there are mountains of it – indicates it was by a gradual process of biological change, designed and set into motion by the Creator.

  3. I always wanted to know if God exists, where did he come from? If he supposedly made all fo life, what made him? Seems even more far-fetched to say he just popped into existence to make the world.

  4. Who said the matter was Non-living. There are infinite living cells all over the place. There are projected to be billions of planets in our galaxy and billions of galaxies beyond our own. If “God” can be infinite, why can’t life?
    This question always seems so ridiculous to me.

  5. by the firing of electrical impulses in our brain. i don’t have the time or patience to give you a full rundown, but you can just look the information up on the web. google is mans best friend

  6. The chemicals present on earth billions of years ago combined in somehow (it’s being debated) into DNA and through the process of natural section billions of years later we have Homo sapiens. consciousness was not created.

  7. Wait a minute. I thought god knew that!
    Go ask god!
    Just because I don’t know doesn’t mean you’re right.
    For all we know the flying spaghetti monster did it!

  8. Matter is matter. The hydrogen atoms in your brain are no different than the hydrogen atoms in the sun. If that matter is arranged in a particular way an electrochemical process takes place and the result is consciousness.

  9. The outset the decision of G-D our King made a tracing in the supernal effulgence, —-A LAMP OF SCINTILLATION,— and there issued within the impenetrable recesses of the mysterious limitless a shapeless nucleus enclosed in a ring, neither white nor black or red or green or of any colour at all. when G-D took measurements, G-D fashioned colours to show within, and within the lamp there issued a certain effluence from which colours were imprinted below..

  10. I am not a biologist, so I really couldn’t say. Based on my extremely limited knowledge, however, I’d say it had to do with small changes over an extremely long period of time.

  11. First off, consciousness could have been created through a build up of energy within a grouping of the right molecules. Secondly, HUMAN consciousnesss could have been created through many years of evolution. The development of using tools could have then created a relience upon them leading into the creation of more advanced tools leading to human mental capacity. Lastly, it is better to speculate on the possibilities while admiting that we cannot KNOW how it happened than to give in to the impulse to assign anything we can’t explain sentience and omnipotence. That is what the ancient Greeks, Romans, etcetera did, and most of what they worshiped we have explained logically.

  12. Human consciousness was not created from dirt.
    GOD the omnipotent made man from the earth and breathed life into him, and man became a living soul.
    GOD has no form, only his SON, wich it was for the purpose of man and his creation. GOD’S presence sustains the whole universe.
    Eternity is more than what our human brain has the capacity to understand. GOD’S presence controls the order and cycles of matter.
    There are 3 heavens for us humans: first: the regular sky before the atmostphere. second: the universe with galaxies and all that have to do with the cosmos. third: is the heavens of the heavens where only pure consciousness,pure souls and spirit energy can enter. GOD’S presence are in all three simultaneously.
    GOD created all consciousness levels in order:
    1st: plants have the first level of consciousness.
    2nd: animals have the second level of consciousness.
    3rd: humans have the third level of consciousness.
    GOD gave us the internal capacity(soul) to grow in a higher level of consciousness up to level 12 in our eternal life but as a mortal no more than level 5.
    Flying spirits of GOD wich here on earth they call angels, are from 7 to 12 level of consciousness.
    GOD’S level of consciousness is infinite. GOD created the BIG BANG to produce matter mixed with HIS omnipotent NOVA energy and DIVINE intelligence: with the mixture of all these materials such as: ATOMS= carbons,hydrogen and oxigen= forms life.
    atoms: 6 carbons, 12 hydrogen and 6 oxigen forms ENERGY.
    energy forms nitrogen,hydrogen and oxigen. If these 3 repeat it self 33 times each according to GOD’s mathematical order, it will produce a SIMPLE AMINO ACID, and if it repeats it self 3 times 33 (each)
    it will form a COMPLEX AMINO ACIDS. if this complex amino acid repeats it self hundreds of thousands of times, it will form a PROTEIN. a protein repeats millions of times, it will form a DNA. then DNA repeats hundreds of millions of times to form a CELL. A cell repeats it self thousands of millions to form TISSUE. From tissue to ORGANS from organs to a whole body. Thats how our body was created but our soul comes from GOD every time an embryo’s heart beats for the first time.

    • Michael… obviously, your answer is a combination of science an religion… Ignorance is the mother of all regions and believes… start getting out of your body so you know what you’re talking about.. instead of just explaining everything from a physical point of view with things that appear to make sense ONLY to believers… REMEMBER Only to believers not to those who actually know. Learn your basics… turn them into knowns..


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