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Atheists: How does consciousness form from inanimate matter?

not life, I’m talking about high consciousness, such as our own.
personally, I believe consciousness itself is ‘supernatural’, but I’m Agnostic, not atheist.
and by ‘consciousness’ I mean: having total awareness of ones own existence.


  1. How do you know you have total awareness of your existence, I don’t know anything of the sort, was it something you were taught or is it what you believe?

  2. Our relatively high level of consciousness is a function of our brain complexity, the evolution of which is well understood.

  3. Speculation about the unknown is nothing but speculation. Belief in the supe natural is no different than a religious delusion. Both beliefs are based on BS.

  4. Consciousness is a series of electrochemical reactions. If you have any doubt of that, just speak to someone with epilepsy. When they have a seizure it means that the electrochemical processes in their brain are not working, and they lose consciousness.

  5. It’s a part of our brain, obviously… Everyone knows that if certain parts of our brains are removed or damaged, our entire personality and “consciousness” can be altered. So it is clear that consciousness is a function of our biology, with no supernatural connection. (or at least, we have no basis for assuming any supernatural connection.)

  6. I’m pretty sure you’ll find that inanimate objects do not have consciousness. I also think you’ll find that nobody is claiming that inanimate matter formed consciousness. I think you might want to reword your question. For instance, I can find no definition for the term “high consciousness”.

  7. Thats a good question.
    I know it has something to do with the cerebral cortex but to be honest I don’t know why consciousness exists. It makes sense that a creature would evolve a brain and ways for the brain to detect things in the outside world, but its confusing as to how the brain could construct an elaborate illusion of consciousness and why it would need to in the first place..
    What do you mean when you say it’s ‘supernatural’? do you think that consciousness is in someway separate from the physical brain? If so that would be a hard position to defend. It’s clear that changes in the brain will directly cause changes in consciousness. However it came to be consciousness is clearly a product of the physical brain.

  8. But we never really know we exist, we are taught it. Look at an infant. The just born infant will only comprehend what it needs to survive, not until intervention by others will it develop its ‘conscience’, and it is taught to the infant. And how are we sure other creatures don’t posses the same? it all comes down to how you look at it.

  9. how, i dont know, i suppose i can only say ,it evolved that way , because thats what the evidence suggsts so far,
    i believe in a spiritual side to life, but i still cant say its a fact


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