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Atheists? How does a chance of chemicals and matter coming together create consciousness?

moonlight wolf, im gay.
biology couldn’t explain this eighter.
Wow, no one answered my question 🙁


  1. What, am I supposed to research it and write a term paper for you? Do it yourself if you really want to know.
    “eighter?” Really? And you’re claiming biology can’t explain this? Oh that is just precious.

  2. Scientists would be able to come closer to answering this than I ever would. Obviously the evidence suggests that our thoughts and emotions are the result of chemical coding in out brains/bodies – however, I believe that there is something spiritual in us all that turns all of this chemical coding into what we know as out “consciousness” – kind of like the system in a computer that turns miles of incomprehensible zeroes and ones into something we can see and read.
    With that said, the mere chance that matter came together in the right combinations to form life and then over millions of years evolved into this amazing organ we know as the Brain – while most likely true – is only a piece of the puzzle, at least in my opinion. I can’t shake the feeling that there is more to us than just chemicals and evolution.

  3. Why aren’t you asking this in the science section?
    I DARE you to.
    Of course, you won’t.
    Edit: Wow, too much of a coward to ask this in the appropriate sectiion.

  4. Anything with sensory perception is self aware to a certain extent. That’s all consciousness is: Self Awareness. Pure and simple. Our consciousness is simply more complex. But it’s not magical. It really is just the product of nerves firing off.
    As a proof of this concept consider how much consciousness remains after having a bullet fired through the mass of nerves called a brain.
    Edit – I have answered the question, you simply won’t consider the answer.

  5. We don’t know.
    Are you tellimg me a god infinitely more complicated who first created nothing and made something from it is more likely?

  6. Ad hominem: attacking the person rather than addressing the question. The Evolutionists do it all the time.
    You, however, are asking a straightforward question which demands an answer.

  7. This is a science question.We aren’t all evolutionary biologists.We just don’t believe in any gods.Read some science books.

  8. Your question makes no sense.
    “chemicals and matter” chemicals are matter
    I would go into detail, but I can tell you aren’t really seeking the answer to this question by your mocking tone.

  9. Consciousness is a bi-product of a more advanced system of life. As far as we know, plants are not conscious of their existence, they just exist. But they are still alive. Consciousness does not make something alive. The first organisms were not conscious of themselves, in the same way that a fetus is not aware of itself for some time. It took millions of years for organisms to become complex enough for consciousness to be necessary.
    Bacteria do not have brains, therefore no self-awareness, yet they are the most successful organisms on this planet.

  10. if atheists are correct and there is no God and no Jesus then we all shall live our span on earth
    and thats it…70-80 years on average then nothing..the same for the Believers and atheists
    we all finish up as dust…HOWEVER if they are wrong and there is a God and a Heaven
    and aplace to spend eternity then the Atheist has lost everything….Why not explore the man Jesus
    Yep I am a Christain and I certainly dont have all the answers but neither do scientists and much of what they teach is flawed..you cant explain faith and miracles when they occur all you know is that you have a peace which surpasses all understanding and a confidence in knowing that even though we dont know what tomorrow holds I
    just know that God hold tomorrow and that somewhere in the middle
    of the many many storms in my life God is right there with me
    Take care and God Bless all
    Lots of love and best wishes to all

  11. You are way, WAY, oversimplifying things. Consciousness doesn’t just “happen”, it develops. Harold Urey determined that, in early earth conditions (i.e. the conditions on earth billions of years ago) a significant burst of energy such as a lightning bolt or a meteor strike could, by chance, create simple amino acids, the basis of life. Over many, many millions of years, these chemicals could combine and recombine into more complex amino acids, eventually forming the very first, very simple life. This extremely simple life persisted for hundreds of millions of years more, until the earth finally cooled enough to support more complex organisms. Millions of years later, multi-celled organisms develop. Millions of years after that, jellyfish and corals develop. Millions of years after that come even more complex life, and so on and so forth, until you come to humans today.
    Is it the result of random chance? Yes. Is the chance for intelligent, conscious life incredibly small? Yes. But the die was also rolled A LOT. Every time a cell divided, it had a chance to mutate, just slightly. Cells divide thousands of times per minute. There are 525 948.766 minutes in a year. Multiply that by 4.54 BILLION, and you have a LOT of opportunities for intelligent life to develop. The key is remembering that just because we are intelligent, does not mean we are special. If you pick a single card at random out of a deck, that card is not special. You were not destined to chose that card, nor was there any divine intervention. Whether the odds were 1/52, or 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000 there is no real significance to the outcome. We are here because we got lucky. We are here because we are here.

  12. In the same way that chemicals, such as hormones, can make ants behave in a certain way, or plants grow faster on one side than the other. Plants actually DON’T grow towards the light, they grow on the side AWAY from sunlight. Google “auxins.” But plants can’t really be said to have “consciousness,” can they?
    Life on Earth has had billions of years to get it right. Any possible combination of chemicals, which is actually quite limited, is bound to happen over stretches of cosmic time. There are less than a hundred naturally-occurring elements – which very much narrows the possibilities, therefore, chance combinations of elements become much more likely, if not inevitable, given the vast time scales.
    Some people would have you believe that the Earth was created 6 or 7 thousand years ago – in a timescale like that, all the chance combinations possible might not have had time to take place. But over hundreds of millions, it becomes highly likely.

  13. I’m not an atheist, but I’ll answer anyway.
    It’s called “evolution,” and it doesn’t happen by chance. Of course biology doesn’t explain it, as biology is inanimate–merely a subject that humans discuss.
    A biology TEACHER, on the other hand, could probably explain it very well, although not in the confines of Yahoo’s character limits.
    The problem with a question like this is that it assumes consciousness was the goal of evolution. It’s an easy mistake to make, assuming that things were always meant to be as they are.
    But what of a higher consciousness? What of a sixth or eighth or 200th sense? We can scarcely imagine what this would even look like, although it would be considered “higher” consciousness than we have now.
    Likewise, had we developed without ears, the concept of hearing would be nearly impossible to imagine, as well.
    The only “chance” in all of it is the consciousness itself, not its means of coming into being.
    Evolution has no specific goal it’s set to reach. Once we understand that, we stop asking, “what are the odds we’d get exactly what we have today?!?” Instead, we observe, without excitement, that the odds of getting exactly what we have today were 100 percent, since this is what we’ve got.
    This question also seems to imply that consciousness is something more than a bunch of those same chemicals running up and down neurons, also made of “chemicals and matter.” And that consciousness can be altered by changing the chemicals those neurons come in contact with. It’s not so unique or ethereal as this question suggests. It’s just a mish-mosh of chemicals and matter, although amazing nonetheless–as are many material mish-moshes, conscious or not.


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