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Atheists, how do you explain the real existence of clairvoyance and spirit mediums?

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  1. eaisly,
    can be any number of possibilities, such as what i beleive that we have and there is an energy in existence that we have or harness, and it means we have abilities such as these
    i dont believe in god, i do however believe in the possibility in plenty other things

  2. “real existance”
    that assumption is false
    spirits are figments of the human imagination and psychics are frauds that are good at tricking people

  3. well, who knows what the Universe has in store for us. But clearly, if spirits exist – it does NOT mean there is a god

  4. Easy: clairvoyance and spirit mediums are not real. Clairvoyance is a myth, mediums are clever (or not so clever) con artists.

  5. How do you explain them? lol People that say vague things that other people want to hear, and then they think OMFSM!! They know all about me!! Yeah that works.

  6. There is no evidence that either exists. Every single ‘psychic’ I’ve heard of has been proven to be a fraud — Uri Miller, Sylvia Browne, Alison Dubois (yes, Medium is based on a real person), etc.

  7. I don’t try to explain the existence of clairvoyance and spiritual mediums because I dont believe in them. There is no credible evidence.

  8. Smoke and mirrors. It’s all a trick. THere has NEVER been any scientifically proven Clairvoyant or Medium.

  9. I think you do NOT know what you’re on about.
    Clairvoyants and spirit mediums are NOTHING without television cameras, smoke, mirrors and a really gullible audience.
    I have NOT heard of a clairvoyant picking the winning lotto numbers.
    I have NOT hear of a spirit medium finding pirate treasure after having a conversation with a ‘dead pirate’.

  10. No one can prove they are real, i mean i know that people claim to be able to talk to the dead, and those people are real.
    But there is no way to tell that they are telling the truth. I would have to talk to one myself to find out for sure, but it would be ridiculously easy to plant a few people in the audience of a TV show to make everyone else think they are real. Or to just pick a random highly common name and say you knew a “John” that is now dead

  11. Clairvoyance is not real, and spirit mediums are obvious frauds. Houdini and Randi have both exposed many of them as frauds. There is nothing real to explain here.

  12. Remember, Atheists “religion” requires that such things not exist. So they simply will not accept the existence of such people no matter how much evidence there is. You may ask yourself the question though, does God have to exist for ESP or life after physical death to exist?

  13. As an atheist I can’t, but then just because somebody is somehow able to access information in a way yet to be understood rationally. doesn’t mean there is some sort of Higher power up there making everything work. That’s rarther like the ancients saying that God caused storms (rather than occlusional weather fronts), earthquakes (rather than plate tectonics). illness (rather than viruses)… I could go on. There ARE more tyhings in Heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our worldly philosophies, but we would be silly to try to explain everything we don’t understand yet as being the Work of the Almighty

  14. No medium or clairvoyant has ever managed to replicate their results under controlled laboratory conditions, suggesting they’re full of crap. I explain the existence of these people like so: They think they can make a few quid out of taking advantage of the recently bereaved and other vulnerable people. That’s why mediums exist. And most of them are closer to a large than a medium anyway.

  15. What?
    Where is the reputable evidence of either clairvoyance or that medium have contact with anything other than their imagination and their victim’s wallet?
    Anyway, why has an atheist got to explain these things?

  16. Err!!! Are you really a christian?!! What you speak of is against everything in christianity and nothing to do with atheists!!
    Try putting your thinking head on and starting again!!!

  17. What does believing in god have to do with clairvoyance. I don’t see the connection at all. Humans can have an extra sense without god being responsible for it. That could easily be classified as science.


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