Atheists: Have you had your pineal gland examined recently? If you're over 30 it needs to be done yearly?

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It is called that, because it resembles a pine cone.
IT is the 3rd eye, in the center of the brain.
And mine is 60 times normal size….


I have my pineal gland examined every night when I dream. If your pineal gland stops working, you stop dreaming and eventually go crazy and die. Boy christians are dumb. Here’s some homework for you christian, go get some DMT ( what the pineal gland produces) and take it, maybe you can meet your sky daddy. Don’t worry, even though you will be under the influence of the most powerful hallucinogenic substance known to man., everything you see will be real.

New Improved Formula CAt in the Tin Foil HAt

A guy offered me a free pineal gland exam in the showers at the gym the other day.
Or was that the prostate gland?
Either way it was jolly nice of him but, I didn’t have the time.

Angry Christian

Don’t try to save them, let them die!!!!!


Olga! Please! There are children on this site! Me, for instance…


Surely it’s theists who attach undue importance to it, more specifically those who believe it is the metaphysical third eye, or those who agree with Descartes that it is the seat of the soul.
As far as I know it’s just part of the endocrine system responsible (along with other parts) for regulating sleep patterns. So long as your sleep/wake cycle is normal your pineal gland is working properly.
Jes the pineal gland (from the word pine as in pine cone because it’s shaped like a pine cone) is a gland in the brain (attached to the brain stem) that is responsible for regulating your sleep patterns.

bums and cowboys

Yes try to save them everybody is welcome in the kingdom of heavon lets not hate our unbelieving friends. Even if they hate us. Jesus says to love your enemies and turn the other cheek, and you should pray for them.


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