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Atheists, explain Positive and Negative energy?

You know, sort of like a battery.


  1. Matter and most kinds of energy are positive. Gravity is negative energy.
    Electrons have a negative electrical charge. Protons have a positive electrical charge. Both electrons and protons are forms of positive energy as are neutrons.

  2. Energy is a measure of the ability of something to do work. Energy is either positive or negative. Positive and negative energy have nothing to do with batteries. What you’re thinking of is positive and negative charge, which is different from energy. A battery has a positive amount of energy.
    A positive amount of energy can do work. A negative amount of energy for something takes work to achieve. For example, it takes work to lift yourself up in the stairs because of gravity. Matter’s energy is positive while gravity’s is negative. Since it has been experimentally verified that the Universe is flat, the overall negative energy of all gravity combined exactly cancels out the positive energy of all the matter, and therefore the total energy of the Universe is zero, which means it could have come from nothing.
    Anything else?

  3. I believe you meant scientists not atheists. Unless you meant to make me feel positively negative with such a feeble attempt to rile the senses of us atheists.

  4. If you think happy thoughts, that is likely known to some people as positive energy.
    If you think pessimistic thoughts, that is known to some people as negative energy.
    The things that can be described as pos or neg are ions. It describes their charges. This does not apply to energy. I’ve never heard of it anyway.

  5. As a psychic I usually find Athiests have way more positive energy than religious people especially Christians and Muslims who seem to have the most negative energy.

  6. An atom has three components, Neutrons (N), Electrons (-e), and Protons (P). I hadn’t taken Science class in over 2 years, so I can’t give you much further on that, other than Neutron is neutral energy, Proton is positive, and Electron is negative!

  7. Smile – positive
    Frown – negative.
    Simply social psychology – try it out yourself tomorrow. Go on, smile at strangers – see what happens! *grins*

  8. I think you don’t mean positive and negative energy, but charge. Charges take the form of positive and negative, and they are fundamental properties of the universe.
    Part of the nature of charges is that they are accelerated by the electromagnetic force, and this means that a battery can be used to release chemical energy to create a ‘current’ of flowing charge between its two electrodes.
    If you really do mean positive and negative energy, all the energy in a battery is the same ‘sign’, with the exception of its gravitational energy which can be considered of opposite sign. Its gravitational energy is always tiny compared to its other forms of energy, e.g. electrical energy and rest mass energy equivalence. However, for massive bodies like stars and galaxies, gravitational energy can dominate.
    In the universe, the gravitational energy is believed to balance exactly all other forms of energy, so that combined they total zero. This is yet to be confirmed by evidence, but it’s becoming increasingly likely, the more evidence we find.


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