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Atheists, do you think maybe your brain hasn't connected all the dots?

Science has come to some definitive conclusions on what certain portions of the brain are used for, i.e. the occipital lobes, temporal lobes, frontal lobes, etc. Yet, there are vast areas of the brain that are still a mystery to science, i.e. the pineal gland, the full potential of the pituitary gland, and portions of the midbrain limbic system to name a few. …
…We do know that whenever anything is learned there are new dendrite connections made between neurons.
Greater usage of the brain through learning and stimulation creates greater dendrite connectivity. …


  1. ALL the dots? Probably not. But, as the psych study across the world has shown, the greater your education the smaller the chance that you believe in the supernatural like gods or demons. So it would seem that atheism is a product of connecting more ‘dots’ than others.

  2. There has been great advances in neurology, but there is a good deal yet to be understood. I’m not sure quite what point you’re trying to make here, though.

  3. I really don’t understand how the question has anything to do with the proceeding details. Since nonbelievers more often score higher on IQ tests, I would imagine that they have higher neuronal/dendrite density. Maybe not density, as people with larger brains are more likely to score higher on IQ tests. I’m not saying that IQ is the “definitive” indicator of intelligence, but I also don’t think that it has nothing to say about it.
    In summation, you have to be pulling my leg.
    Edit: Now you’ve cited two articles that have nothing to say about atheists.


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