Atheists, do you know…?

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…that many of you (not all) are showing viewpoints consistent with Theosophy without even realizing it. One of the core points of Theosophy is that man will evolve to a higher state of consciousness and eventually “godhood”.
Case in point:;_ylt=ApjXqhK1sV8R56CnOrPULTvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100520145133AAAGvxq&show=7#profile-info-aYPxoBx1aa
@ Welcome to the Fifth Dimension. That’s exactly what Zeitgeist the movie asserts, and who is one of their sources? None other than Helena Blavatsky the founder of Theosophy. Thanks for proving the point.

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Pope Palpatine

And yet no Atheist would say that we are eventually going to “Godhood”…
So no, nobody shows that viewpoint.



Twelve Star

I’m not really atheist, I’m Agnostic. You are Correct.
For people who are unfamiliar, Theosophy claims the Man-kind was seeded here by those Aliens resembling Christ from another Star-System.
There were 5 Root Races of Man; we in the Modern-World are the 5th Race. The 6th Race is the Star-Seed phenomena mirrored by the search for extra-solar planets. The 7th and final root race will be a blending or Universal Human in a few hundreds time.


Interestingly enough, you seem to have completely missed the point of that question.
Pointing out that the gaps that God has left to hide in keep getting fewer and farther between has nothing to do with pretending to be gods ourselves.
Please try again. This time, think first.

Britannia Rex Imperator

“Higher state of consciousness” and “godhood” are subjective.


Who would want godhood? All that was shown is that life can be formed without any deities.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.

And did you know that your religion shares many characteristics with other religions that believe in gods that were born of virgins, died and rose again?
EDIT: I’m not quoting the Zeigiest. If you don’t believe them, you can easily check other sources if you like. One of my college text books had a few examples.

Sun Is Shining ❂

Hardly. Theosophy is woolly headed spiritual supremacy for inadequates. It is truly laughable plus Blavatsky was a rotten old racist.


No, we will keep evolving, but there is no end goal, not ‘godhood’ that we will attain. We will just keep getting better (unless something happens and we all go extinct).
It’s a nice thought, but lets not get too proud of ourselves. We are, after all, only human.


sooo, we want to become “gods” and for that reason we don’t believe in them !
Right, right.. (that makes sense!)


As, according to the Astronomy board, we might only have until December left we will have to get a move on to reach this ‘higher state’


I can’t recall ever hearing an atheist say that man would eventually achieve godhood.
Being able to create life in a lab is not what theosophy is about.

Paul B

I am a less rabid transhumanist, myself. Is the result of that godhood? I don’t know, I’m doing it out of hope for humanity, simply because I think a future like that in Ghost in the Shell would seriously rock, than any real belief that we’ll reach that state.


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