• who says i dont beleive that?
    i dont believe in a god/goddess/creator/higher being, that doesnt mean i dont beleive or acknowledge a spiritual realm or existence in this life
    i beleive we hav a soul

  • Of course. Not only do I “believe” it, all the evidence points to it being IMPOSSIBLE for it to be separate. Look up “embodied consciousness.”

  • Yes, I do not believe that consciousness can occur outside of a brain of some sort. It might be a biological brain or a technological brain (computer) but consciousness requires some kind of thinking hardware (in my opinion).


    John Popelish

  • This is not a belief. There is no consciousness without the brain. One only has to study brain injury cases to know that this is the truth. The more damage to the brain, the less functionality, to the point where sufficient brain injury result in coma, paralysis and/or death.

  • Well this is an interesting question. In some respects there would appear to be, but there is also no way to demonstrate it. it may be personally degrading to think otherwise, and my opinion on the matter flip-flops constantly due to this fact, but any conceivable argument to support it is incredibly convoluted. look up Descart. He, and some of his students after him, tried to come up with an argument for it, but ended up disproving free will in the process. it also is contradictory to Occams Razor, one of the most basic rules of material logic (the simpler answer is better)

  • I am not an Atheist, and I assume that you are referring to God. But what about human consciousness separate from the brain. I just read an interesting book called “The Spiritual Brain”. I suggest it to both believers and non. Very interesting book. Did you know that they put the “God Helmet” on that English guy, Dawkins, and he did not have any spiritual experience at all. And he expected to. Interesting experiments. Good reading.

  • No.

    Look up Phineas Gage and maybe you’ll understand why.

    He got a little brain damage, and lo and behold, he wasn’t the same person anymore.

  • correct.

    So, I gather that you believe that your soul and your body are two separate entities, and one can live on without the other? Pretty cool- except for the lack of evidence.

  • There is no definitive “proof ” either way but the evidence is highly suggestive and the consensus opinion of modern neuroscience is that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of brain function. It is therefore logical to assume, absent evidence to the contrary, that consciousness is not separate from the brain.

  • Let’s see…

    I sleep most days, and my consciousness doesn’t seem to proceed past the point my brain compels it to.

    I’ve been in surgery several times, and without exception, when the right chemicals were introduced to my brain, my consciousness simply shut off.

    I’ve flatlined two times and been brought back. Neither time did I see a bright light, or feel any part of me continue past the point where my body ceased functioning. It was simply as though I ceased to be during the time between losing consciousness and regaining it.

    No… I’m afraid I don’t believe there is any consciousness separate from the brain.

  • I’m an atheist and I think my subconscious mind exists in an infinite dimension outside and independent of the mind and body. How does that validate all the god bs? and yes I’ve studied all the myths just as much as you have. Just because it hasn’t really been explained yet to the drooling masses it automatically means that it’s proof of “God”? If anything I am God, and if I’m God then why would I need to worship and believe in your lesser god?

  • No. The mind is a function of the brain. You can no more have amind without a brain than you can have a handshake without hands.

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