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Atheists, do you consider "spiritual atheists" to be just as delusional as theists?

Ya know, you say that theists are “delusional” because they believe in things that lack evidence. Can you say the same for the numerous atheists who are Buddhists, Hindus, witches, Shamans etc? They may not believe in a higher power but they can believe in things that are supernatural/spiritual. So, are they just as delusional?
Mastermind, there *are* atheists who claim that such things are real.


  1. ”Delusional” is a harsh word. I prefer to say that those atheists are willing to make a leap of faith, and believe in things unseen and unproven, just like theists.
    I have no problem with that, as long as they don’t start insisting spiritual beings or events are real.

  2. Speaking for myself alone, I would say yes. All religion and spirituality boils down to a belief in magic, and the simple fact of reality is that there is no such thing as magic. I don’t care whether people call their own preferred brand of magic God, Karma, Isis, or the Tao – it is still magic.

  3. I’ve never claimed that all theists are delusional. Some are, but the same can be said for any group of people. Sure, you can get nit-picky about the meaning of the word in order to apply it to theists, but I generally see it in the psychiatric sense, which involves a hell of a lot more than merely having faith in the unproven.
    Most atheists don’t believe in the supernatural. I would be just as willing to debate with any who do as I am with theists. I see belief without evidence as illogical, regardless of how it manifests. After all, we atheists aren’t 100% rational either. Of course, when I say “illogical”, I’m not necessarily stating that the person who holds those beliefs is stupid; I just happen to disagree with their conclusions.
    Spirituality doesn’t always involve supernatural connotations. The word has evolved to encompass more than simply believing that you have a spirit or a soul. For many people, myself included, it’s simply the act of nurturing your emotional side. It’s about the way you feel, rather than the way your think. Personally, I believe that we should indulge in each side equally, as both are important elements in the human experience.

  4. I don’t go around calling theists delusional, or spiritual atheists. All I can say is, that to me, believing in anything that comes under the banner of supernatural, does not make sense. That if your reason for not believing there are such things as gods, is that there is no evidence for them, then to believe in anything supernatural is contradictory. Things are classed as supernatural, because there is no natural, scientific evidence to show if they are real, or what they are, same as gods:)
    But who am I to assume that someone else can’t know something that I don’t? 🙂


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