Atheists: do you believe or read horoscopes, astrology & all that other planet stuff?

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Steve H


eric k


Vintage Barbie

It’s all nonsense.


imma theist

Diane (PFLAG)


Arizona Knight Wolf

I glance at them occasionally. I think everybody does once in awhile.



Toxic Smurf

of course not if you look at different horoscopes for the same day they are different!
and the things they say are way too broad and not specific. This results in “true readings” for more than 1/2 of the people because its way too broad.

Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!

actually if someone told me that either god was real or horoscopes were real i would choose god every time.
there is clear evidence that horoscopes are BS
mainly that if a horoscope says
“gemini you will start a mystery romace”
this would have to be true for people in prison or fighting a war or in a coma
but it isnt
horoscope believers are totally moronic




Astronomy yes but not Astrology.

Carmen R

Not at all.

Random Panther

No,that’s all wishful thinking nonsense too.

Anonnie Mouse

It’s fun, why not?
You can’t take everything too seriously or it sucks the fun out of life. I am well aware that stuff is pseudo-science, but I enjoy it as much as I enjoy hearing about bigfoot sightings.


No, in addition to being an atheist, I’m a skeptic (or rather I’m an atheist because I’m a skeptic).
Although I do believe there are other planets, I don’t think they’re magically influencing our lives. The only force or energy they exert upon us are gravity and light. Those are negligible and have zilch to do with love or business or “luck”.


I read my horoscope whenever I pick up the San Francisco Chronicle, maybe two or three times a week. (It’s right there on the comics page.) And, as always, it’s way off. Now and again, I can twist it to almost agree with something going on in the real world, but it takes a lot of twisting, sorta like doing yoga, tai chi, and plyometrics simultaneously.


I think it is interesting sometimes, but never do I believe it to be real.


I read mine occasionally, but I don’t believe it. It’s just for entertainment.


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