Home Discussion Forum Atheists: do you believe in astrology or superstition?

Atheists: do you believe in astrology or superstition?

I once had an atheist friend who turned to astrology and superstition after she gave up religion and belief in God, because she “needed SOMETHING to believe in.”
So, atheists, do you believe in horoscopes, fortune telling, oujia boards, divination, etc?


  1. I’m a pagan Taoist atheist. I stopped believing in deities when I found something much bigger to believe in.
    Edit: wow, looks like it’s just me!

  2. No. Why can’t we believe in the pursuit of real knowledge? I’ve never understood why we need to have a belief in something supernatural to find meaning in our lives. I find that same kind of wonder in the universe we live in. The universe is so awesome and our world so beautiful… and it’s all real. I’m all about the aesthetic value in life.

  3. I’ve honestly never even considered astrology as being anything but superstition. It just seemed so obvious. It’s amazing how many are willing to jump so credulously on such things. I’m an agnostic, which is pretty much an atheist in a theist’s mind. I just place logic before belief.

  4. I don’t really fully understand the concept of ‘belief’ in this respect.
    Let me explain:
    I am aware that I do a few silly little superstitious things like verbally greeting a magpie, or avoid walking under ladders in the street, but I know it’s not about ‘belief.’
    Superstitious fear makes me realise how enormously powerful religion is, as to me it is the same thing as the ladder, writ large, with social engineering and primitive obsession with ancestral/patriarchal lineage thrown into the mix.
    Superstition? I don’t *believe* in supernatural fate. I KNOW superstition is like catching a mental tick from someone, adn I believe it has power over my cognition, but I do not believe IN it’s ‘power’ other than that of suggestion.
    Fear is a great motivator, no matter even when you know it is irrational. So I have the ability (as I’m sure most of us do) to act or be superstitious, but I just can’t believe it. I know it is just pyschological trickery. Like astrology etc.

  5. Atheists don’t believe in God because there is no proof. How can they believe in superstitions like Astrology and fortune telling.
    More over Atheists are the ones who raised against Sati and dowry and created awareness about , intercaste marriages, widow marriages etc. This anti religious activities made them isolated from the majority blind believers, and they paid a high price for bringing in social reforms.

  6. Believes in none of things you mentioned. They are all only different versions of the same superstitious, outdated beliefs that all religious seem to dwell on.


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