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Atheists: Do you believe in any type of extra sensory perception?

Anything at all?
What if there are scientific studies that suggest some of these exist? Would you then “believe” in them?


  1. show me one that is not full of misleading data and messed up experiment set up.
    i will discuss the evidence then.

  2. The expanse of our brains is still unknown at this time, but I have seen about 20 seconds into the future once

  3. Generally no, but I am at least open to the idea that there’s a lot yet to learn and discover about the human brain.

  4. if you are asking if a believe in magic, then no.
    i do believe that you can achieve more than the give 10-15% control over your own brain though.

  5. No.
    If scientific evidence is forthcoming, then I’d *know* they had evidence to back them up, and “belief” wouldn’t be needed. As of yet, there is none (before you start saying there is, no there isn’t. None of the so-called “evidence” passes scientific rigor).

  6. I would like to see the studies and evidence they put forth. I would still have a hard time accepting something based on just a ‘suggestion’. After all, there is a ‘suggestion’ based on archeological evidence that dragons exist.
    But if the studies are fair, and the data unbiased, sure I can accept that something like that is possible. Just very unlikely. However, it’s fair to point out: I don’t ‘believe’ things if they’re backed up by scientific evidence, belief isn’t needed, the evidence stands on it’s own.

  7. Intuition is basically real, to a point. After experiencing so much in your life, your mind can subconsciously predict what would happen in response to an action, or guess the right answer to a question based off knowledge you gained in the past.

  8. I don”t …………………….. not suggest but prove…….. then yes………………………………….

  9. If there was documented evidence, I’d take a good look at how that evidence was derived, but if it stood up to analysis then yes, I’d “believe” it.
    Hasn’t happened yet, though.

  10. sure why not, if extra-sensory means beyond the five senses…
    There would have to be good evidence though.

  11. Sure, but I don’t believe in things that disprove themselves via their own definition. All powerfull, loves us, tortures most of us to death for all eternity. See the problem?

  12. Intuition isn’t really ESP, it’s just sub symbolic processing that occurs in the right brain.
    I don’t think there is compelling evidence for clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. as everyone who has claimed these abilities have failed under controlled conditions.
    However, that doesn’t mean it would be impossible. And if it were possible, it would have some physical mechanism behind it, like electrical currents in the brain, as opposed to a anti-rational, supernatural view of parapsychology.

  13. No, I do not “believe” in ESP.
    I accept the fact that ESP exists because the evidence shows that it exists.
    Intuition isn’t a sense, and I’m not sure what you mean by “intention”. There is no evidence for clairvoyance. Precognition is a violation of the most fundamental laws of nature.
    Addendum – WellTraveled – “As of yet, there is none (before you start saying there is, no there isn’t. None of the so-called “evidence” passes scientific rigor).”
    Actually, there is a great deal of evidence for some forms of ESP. It’s been documented and is fairly well understood. Not clairvoyance, obviously.

  14. Intuition, yes.
    However, all it is the sum of your past experiences trying to give you insight into your current situation. It’s better than nothing, but it’s often wrong.
    I’m not even sure what you mean by intention. There doesn’t seem to be any definition of that word that would fit into the extra sensory category.
    Clairvoyance? No, it’s never been demonstrated.
    “What if there are scientific studies that suggest some of these exist? Would you then “believe” in them?”
    Just a few, when so many other cases have failed (and a meta-analysis shows it doesn’t seem to work), then probably not. A large body of evidence would probably convince me, however.

  15. Hell no.
    I’d be interested if there were valid scientific studies supporting any of those things. But there aren’t.

  16. Intuition is subconscious feed from memory – nothing supernatural about it.
    Intention is just doing what you intend – again nothing supernatural
    Clairvoyance is 50% the reading of body language and 50% cold reading – again nothing supernatural

  17. I do not disbelieve in them, because there is insufficient evidence to disprove them. However, there’s also insufficient evidence to show such events spring from a purely supernatural source.
    Just because I happen to be an agnostic-atheist doesn’t preclude me from understanding that “there are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of in my philosophy.”
    However, that does not mean that my “philosophy” (science) is incapable of eventually explaining all those things.

  18. I actually do believe in stuff like that. There has to be a reason why women who are together in groups synch up periods! THERE HAS TO. I don’t belive there’s a magical reason for it. Could have something to do with brain waves and such.
    Anything said to be caused by god, religion or magic will be explained by science eventually.

  19. Not really, I don’t think intuition belongs in with the other things you mention. I think intuition is the sum total of the situations you have been in and the lessons you have learned, a super-fast permuted picture, a feeling about what kind of situation you may be in, or what kind of person you are with, kind of extremly useful really.

  20. I think intuition is really a matter of our processing information without being consciously aware of doing so. Its often not particularly reliable but it can also give us important insights as well. I think its something instinctive we do in our environments. I am skeptical of more ESPy or supernatural cognition, psychic type claims. I’ve seen no evidence that is credible to me. I am open to evidence though but I don’t believe such claims at present.

  21. As the reason I do not believe in these things is that they have a lack of supporting evidence, evidence would certainly count in there favor.

  22. Well intuition and intention can be traced to locations in the brain. Clairvoyance is the capability to make an very accurate mental model. These things aren’t necessarily supernatural and have some evidence supporting them.
    I will follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

  23. I believe that there is more than we can currently scientifically prove. I have experienced some of it personally. I do not know what it is, how it works, or why it happens.

  24. “Atheists: Do you believe in any type of extra sensory perception?”
    What’s the difference between intuition and an educated/lucky guess? Do you believe in coincidence? Statistics? Confirmation bias?
    I’m not sure I understand this one. Do I believe in intention? Any time you plan to do something, you’re expressing an intention. Or did you intend (ha!) for me to insert the words “extra-sensory” in front of that? Honestly, I don’t even know what that means.
    “Anything at all?”
    I believe in lots of things. It’s just that I don’t tend to believe in a thing unless there’s good, reliable, independently verifiable evidence to support that belief.
    “What if there are scientific studies that suggest some of these exist? Would you then “believe” in them?”
    What if Elephants could fly? Would you buy a reinforced umbrella?
    There have been plenty of “studies” that suggest such things exist. I wouldn’t describe any of them as scientific, though. Look up Project Alpha. It involved a paranormal research project where the scientists involved were convinced they had discovered irrefutable evidence of paranormal abilities in the test subjects. Right up to the point where the two “psychics” involved revealed that they were faking the whole thing. They were magicians recruited by James Randi. Randi had offered several suggestions to the researchers as to how they should properly control their experiments, so as to rule out trickery, but they ignored him. They assured him they knew what they were doing, and could see through any attempts at deception. So, he decided to show them exactly how easily they could be tricked.

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  26. Although I am no Atheist. There is hard scientific data proving that ESP or ESP like phenomena does exist. However, that doesn’t mean that their is anything supernatural at work. One of the more prominent theories is that we as human possess more that our five basic senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing) but that our brains are able to pick up on more subtle stimuli.
    After considering how our five accepted senses work, it is completely plausible that our subconscious is able to pick up on very small details. And when you consider things like certain forms of Autism, it is very likely. We often consider ESP as pseudo-science, simply because we don’t understand its cause. But as neurologists and psychologists get better insights on how the brain works, it seems less like science fiction and more like a evolutionary advantageous aspect of the ordinary function of the brain.
    Now the question is, does God have anything to do with this? Well, that’s a good question. I think there is enough evidence to suggest God doesn’t have to be. I mean, the human brain is an amazing organ which we probably will never fully understand. But, that doesn’t mean that one must exclude God here.


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