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Atheists : Do you believe in any kind of higher dimension/ intelligence/consciousness or do u totally deny it?

okay..so most of you atheists don’t deny it…
but you do deny it when people with simple perceptions refer to the same as ‘god’?
evolved : the discoveries in metaphysics are in sync with many ancient discoveries made in vedic sciences of hinduism… by the way.. spirituality and science in hinduism was never separate… medicine, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture were all a part of vedic sciences which belonged to hinduism.
you’ll find this in many ancient traditions around the world..
nevermind tuyet.. thanks!


  1. “Deny” it?
    Do you believe in Zeus, leprachauns, dragons, and unicorns or do you just deny it?

  2. You see any evidence of this higher intelligence? Cuz I sure dont…
    I dont deny it. It is possible. Simply not probable. And, its probability, coupled with its complete lack of evidence, makes me come to the conclusion that it is not real.

  3. It’s not the same thing, denying something and not believing in it.
    If you have evidence of any of those things, present it. Absent evidence, they’re just unfounded speculations, and I have better things to do.
    Edit to Asker: See, this is what so many of you theists do. Just because we don’t categorically reject the idea that there’s more to reality than is currently known does not mean we don’t categorically reject your religious beliefs.
    I consider it IMPOSSIBLE that any of the god-concepts of ancient religions describe anything real. They were all conceived by pre-scientific peoples trying to explain and understand reality, and to find meaning in their lives, and they are all ultimately mythological constructs.
    In other words, just like there’s no Zeus or Odin or Ra, there’s no God of the Bible, no Allah of the Koran, no Shiva, Krishna, etc. of the Vedas and so on. Of that I am certain, regardless of what I don’t know.

  4. I believe that consciousness survives death- I don’t speculate on where it goes after death because I don’t regard it as an issue of importance.

  5. I’m agnostic about it. I don’t quite believe in god, but I won’t deny the possibility that since we have absolutely no knowledge of the truth, anything is possible.

  6. Any answer you get will apply solely to that individual. Because atheism is a lack of belief in deities.
    “but you do deny it when people with simple perceptions refer to the same as ‘god’?”
    You seem to be surprised that atheists do not believe in ‘god’?
    “nevermind tuyet.. thanks!”
    You did extend me a personal invitation to this question. The implicit intent being that you would prove your claim about atheists.

  7. There is no evidence for any such thing.
    There is evidence for other dimensions…..but that isn’t really what you are talking about here.

  8. I don’t deny other dimensions. Denial is refusal to believe something that exists. I don’t know whether or not ‘other dimensions’ exist. Something tells me that it is more probable than not.

  9. Well there’s no atheist creed so others may disagree but personally, taking your question to mean some kind of supernatural entity then no.
    It’s certainly possible there are species in the universe more intelligent than us. It’s certainly possible there are those with fcaulties beyond ours. But thes are possibilities not beliefs. Lacking evidence for them, I withhold belief until some is presented. I suspect you don’t mean that kind of possibility though.
    BTW there is a huge gap between belief and total denial. Absence of belief in something is not belief in the absence of it.

  10. Anything is possible but I have seen no evidence of such so I do believe it is true.
    Denial always has such a negative connotation, like its real but you just will not accept it.

  11. Deny “it”??
    Wait… did I miss something? Was there an “it” that I should have seen or experienced by now?
    Personally – I think its quite likely that there is intelligent life out there – so much more powerful than us that it may as well be called a god.

  12. Higher dimensions are possible. String theory and modern physics allows for all sorts of crazy stuff including paralell worlds, higher dimensions, extra dimensional branes, and all sorts of weird stuff at a quantum level. As another poster stated, none of this is likely to effect us, and based on it’s lack of current evidence it will likely just be conjecture for a long time to come. Consciousness doesn’t fit into the equation though, it dies with us, and the survival of consciousness after death I do “totally deny”.

  13. Until there is any evidence to the contrary, I file such things away under myths and legends.
    Very advanced physics is beginning to show evidence of the existent of other dimensions, not higher or lower, but they are not ‘supernatural’ or ‘spiritual’ they are mathematical, and are currently a mish mash of unconnected theories.


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