Home Discussion Forum Atheists are you scared of dying and becoming nonexistant?

Atheists are you scared of dying and becoming nonexistant?

Aren’t you scared that when you die you just cease to exist. Your consciousness ends forever and you just launch into nothingness for eternity?


  1. No. It actually doesn’t scare me at all.
    And please don’t throw a theist twist on it. We don’t launch and we will have no concept of anything. We just die. Turn off. Mind, consciousness and all.

  2. No. Because you don’t launch into nothingness for eternity. You’re stating subjectivity for something which possesses none. I won’t be around to feel nothingness, it won’t feel like anything.
    It doesn’t scare me one iota.

  3. No. I wasn’t scared when I realized I had already experienced it before I was born. And it will happen again once I die.
    Fear of dying is different. Why do you think religions were made?
    To comfort humans.

  4. no. not existing means we won’t be. we won’t know anything. you seem to have the impression that we will be conscious in a void, floating forever with nothing but our thoughts. that’s not how it is. you will be like a table or a rock. just a hunk of dead meat (your remains), no feeling, no consciousness. you will just be done and gone.
    edit: some people seem to be confusing fear of death and fear of an afterlife. they are not the same. sure, i’d like to live a few hundred years, and sure, i don’t want to die a painful death. that does not mean i am afraid of what happens after i’m dead because nothing happens. what’s to be afraid of?

  5. Yes, of course I am scared of dying because I like living entirely too much. Little hint for you: you also will cease to exist when you die.

  6. dying, sure. who isn’t, especially if it’s painful. becoming nonexistent… uh, no. weirded out a bit, but not scared.

  7. No more than it scares me to realize I didn’t exist prior to my my birth, no. Why does your ego require that you exist forever before life is worth living? The problem is you are thinking of “nothingness” as something we will be conscious of and suffering the awareness thereof, but, of course, we will be no more aware of “nothingness” than we were before we were born (or before conception or whatever starting point you choose within those 9 months of gestation).

  8. Yes. It does scare me. Does my fear make any gods real?
    It doesn’t.

  9. No. My mom was agnostic, and I know she didn’t disappear into nothingness. Besides, why should that be remotely frightening? And why atheists, just because we don’t believe in “God” makes us nonexistent? Please stop being ignorant, frankly, it’s quite obnoxious.

  10. Well to me for me, Nope I am not scared, I’m dead, I will literally be food for the worms.
    “Aren’t you scared that when you die you just cease to exist”
    Actually while my physical body, brain function, etc maybe dead, I will not cease to exist. I will be remembered and fondly by those I love and that love me.
    Trying to scare me into believing in a afterlife? Sorry sweetie didn’t work.


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