Atheists, agnostics and free thinkers, when was your last spiritual crisis and what was the result?

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I see Christians talking about having a crisis of faith and I was wondering if this happens to those who aren’t part of an organized religion.

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The Dude

Mmmm, I had a close relative die two years ago. That was a crisis of sorts. The result? Grieve and move on.


I’ve never had a spiritual crisis because I’m not spiritual.


yes. recently I had a hard time (yesterday in fact)… I had to go to the basics of what I believe to find peace and I questioned my beliefs for abit… but I found peace in them


The last time I had anything close to what you may interpret as a spritual crisis was when I climaxed. Afterwards, everything was fine.

Soulful Kris

The last time I had an orgasm.

Crazy C00L

Mmmmm… can’t think of any. I mean, besides my transition into atheism, I can’t think of any!


should i buy the diet or the regular

john galt

i’ve never had a spiritual crisis. i don’t even understand what it is.
i don’t believe in spirits.

Mrs Avatard

A couple of years ago.


When i was a Catholic. I feel a lot better being an Atheists. Going to my friends funeral was weird. Listing to the priest telling people how they should work for God etc. I guess it was a good opportunity for him to strengthen his position.


I don’t have a spiritual crisis, period!


I am part of a liberal disorganized group of atheists, buddhists, freethinkers, ethical societies, etc
of course. in the end I always get help from others, self and see that no one else takes care of me like me

Never had one, never will. I think for myself, therefore I do not have to listen to the words of others to know what is right.

T Time

When I was six….I couldn’t believe in my heart the story of the virgin Mary, Jesus’ resurrection and the concepts of Heaven and Hell. I just couldn’t believe it, so I chose to go with what was in my heart.
Really, I was six years old.


People such as myself don’t really have what you would call a spiritual crisis, just a regular crises of the human experience. Instead of calling for help from a higher power which we know won’t be answered we do our best to deal with the crises ourselves.


My one and only “spiritual crisis” started when I was 17 and questioning all religious belief. After about 5 years of self-study and reflection, I decided it was all false. I’ve been a confirmed atheist ever since. My crises now have nothing to do with spirituality.

Dr. Brooke

nope, not having any crisis – not even when i figured it out at 8 or 10 years old


The last crisis of faith I had was when I had to decide whether or not I wanted to continue going to church. For the past 10 years or so that I haven’t gone to church (even though I still consider myself Christian) I haven’t had a spiritual crisis. I think spending every single Sunday waking up early, sitting for an hour or two in uncomfortable clothes, and listening to someone ramble on and on makes people too high strung and more prone to a break down (or spiritual crisis- whatever you want to call it)


Don’t feel bad. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up my belief in talking serpents or that God stopped the Sun so that some human beings could kill other human beings or that every human being on Earth is the result of incestuous sex between Adam and Eve’s kids.


Probably about 30 years ago when I first figured out that I was an atheist. There was the whole problem that my parents believed and as young as I was, that was an issue. I also had to deal with some of the left over fear.


A few months ago I did. My rational mind won.


Well yes I did have a crisis of faith a couple of years ago. I lost all faith in the government to do the right thing.

zee zee

I don’t think “last spiritual crisis” is the right question…..if you want to get to their hearts…….they probably don’t know what you mean.

answer faerie

Can’t say I’ve ever had a crisis of lack of faith.


It started in 1998, and lasted til 2006, it might be settling down now, but who knows.

Realistic Viewpoint

No, I have never had a crisis-of-“faith” in demonstrable-and-repeatable facts, tested and modified when needed.
However, I’d have to say, that, as far as ‘spirituality’ goes, it was when one of my family-members was in hospital, they are ‘religious’ and therefore believe in the power of ‘prayer’ to a specific god-or-gods.
I, myself do not,…
My conundrum,… ‘should-I’ call this persons’ (also-‘religious’) friends, and ask them to ‘pray’ for the person, even though I think that it’d be Ridiculous-?
I finally chose to inform the ‘religious’ friends about the persons’ condition, and allow THEM to individually decide what their own course of action/s may be.
Not really a ‘Spiritual-Crisis’ as one would usually think of it, but, a ‘Crisis-Of-Spirituality’ of sorts. IMO

Ms. Taurus

When someone I loved very dearly (and still do) and hoped for a future with ended his own life…
I can’t say it was a “spiritual” crisis, but the event did change me… I did not become a believer, I never believed in gods, still don’t, and won’t be. But I can honestly say that while I was originally ok with nothing after this life, even after losing other people, the loss of him so young still and so devastating made me not ok with it anymore. I don’t necessarily believe in an “afterlife,” and not at all the same as the religious variation, but even as an atheist there is nothing wrong with wishing such a thing could be true… Real or not, it’s at least a nice idea…and for him I wish that maybe he would still be him in some way…

Raoul Duke

My faithlessness has made me spiritually complete. I am without fear, emptiness, or want.
It’s a shame theists don’t see that it is their very-own God that blocks their way and stands between them and happiness – not to mention adulthood, intelligence, and decency.


My initiation was very rough. Basically your tested until you break. The result….ask me when im 80.


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