Atheist:If there was no consciousness present in the originating power/energy,from where has consciousness?

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come into this universe? Or can we produce consciousness from inert matter or can we obtain matter by analyzing consciousness into its ingredients that make it?

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You act like it’s more than just chemical reactions. There’s no evidence it is.

Justin Swagflakes Smith

Since when did matter have consciousness?

mo in the middle

So, if we don’t know the answer it must be God?
That hasn’t worked out very well in the past.


FROM GOD WHO is the giver of life and mountains and oceans!!!!


I know eh, as if all of this happened by mistake, with our own personalities for that matter yet alone consciousness!


Consciousness is an emergent property, not a “thing”.
If there was no colour red present in the very early universe, where does “red” come from?
It’s simply a property inherent to the laws of nature.

Instant Karma - Just Add Water

It’s an emergent characteristic.

Think before following

Evolution of the brain. Something I wish more people would use.

Mr. Kaczynski

Your assuming that energy originated; which is blatantly false. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, so can you please explain why you think consciousness is present in it’s origins to make your argument clear.

RickySTT, AE

Hydrogen and oxygen are not wet. But if you combine them you get water. Where did the wetness come from?
Consciousness is an emergent process of your brain. You are indeed more than the sum of your parts, and nothing from outside you is needed to make it so. 🙂

Everard G

“Atheist:If there was no consciousness present in the originating power/energy,from where has consciousness… come into this universe?”
It’s just a buncha quarks rubbing against each other.
Why do you people need to be so damned dramatic ?
We exist for the simple reason that we exist.
There is NO purpose; there is NO ‘Grand Plan” or ‘meaning’ to our existence; there is NO invisible space chappie; we are just a very simple accident in Time and Space.
We are, at best, an accidental collection of loosely combined waves and particles responding to our environment … no matter how sophisticated that environment may be or we imagine it to be.
At the end of ‘life’ we ‘disperse’; we dissipate into the waves and particles of stardust.
We may as well have some fun while we’re here without all that paranoia stuff – thinking there are invisible sky chappies watching and waiting for us to screw up.
We are ALL, ALWAYS reacting to the circumstance-environment in which we find ourselves and EVERYTHING we EVER do is so that we can enjoy some ‘happy’ as a result.
Life is just one long multiple choice test …


Do you know what inert means, or did you just use it because it sounds cool? So far there is no consciousness from inert matter, it requires chemical reactions. But the structure seems to be much more important than the ingredients, so I wouldn’t rule out conscious AI in the future.
I’m not sure how a magical boot-strapping “first consciousness” makes more sense than the observable gradual development of consciousness.

synaptic's mommy

Even the most basic elementary particle is “aware” of itself and it’s surroundings. If it didn’t it wouldn’t exist. From that elementary connection comes all the varied interactions that make up the universe. When matter is arranged into a “brain” it interacts in ways that create consciousness.
Of course, there is another school of thought that says that those who think consciousness is just the result of chemical interactions in the brain are describing their own, somewhat empty, consciousness, which may very well be as thin and “chemical” as they suggest. Whereas those who describe it as being something more than that are also merely describing their own, somewhat fuller, consciousness.


If man created god in his image why are their do many pedophiles?


Try asking yourself why it is always christians that cannot understand that?!! Why is it that the non god religions and atheists are all well adjusted, thinking people?!!

Frou Frou

it evolved
or it existed in soem form that we dont know yet
can we produce?
“we” cant and didnt do anything


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