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Atheist what do you think about the pineal gland and its powers?

Atheist what do you think about the pineal gland and its powers and the un-ordinary visual things of the universe that have been discovered? Like different shaped galaxies weird planets and life existing outside of non-carbon? I am not a Christan I don’t have a religion but I do believe that we haven’t even discovered 1% of the universe and that there might be a concept out their that would be hard to wrap or heads around. It could be God, A generator, or just something crazy no human has thought of yet. I ask Atheist because you don’t believe in a God but these are things are real or appear to be real in real life. Do you think that their is more to us since there is proof? Our pineal gland takes us to that state or out of the state of our unnatural environment . Although I don’t do drugs and will and don’t condone. I heard they are many ways to access it. I don’t know if its true, but do you think that their is a bigger concept than us and what we have seen?
@Thor is a loving God Too. Its just a philosophical way of thinking. Philosophy covers every accept whether its one opinion if its important or not because we all have different opinions on what is important to us but it shouldn’t block us from thinking on the other side of ideas because then we can discover more with out our bias in the way.
Invisibility and imaginary our minds are way more complex than science fiction. Imaginary is real if a person believes in it enough and it will work int their life. A placebo is “imaginary” but it works because the person wants it to. The mind is powerful and it can play tricks. Our imagination is the ability “of forming mental images, sensations and concepts, in a moment when they are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses” Why do we need sight hearing and feeling to know that whats around is is real/not?
@ lol this wouldn’t be a Pharaoh. The other section it should go in can be social science or humanities because it doesn’t deal with physical or mental but I knew there were many atheist in this section and I wanted to ask them directly because I was just being curious……I thought I would get more answers from here…..I am just curious…sorry if I am asking way to much and confusing you guys even more.


  • There could be lots of things out there we don’t know about, but there is no reason to assume there is a “God or generator”. Lets say there is a God out there. What would it matter, we obviously live in an indifferent world, so why should we care whether we came about from indifferent nature, or an indifferent God? That would make absolutely no difference to me. I know nature exists, so until proven otherwise I’m going with that.

    Edit: “we can discover more with out our bias in the way.”

    I think we discover more due to our biases. How else did people discover Gods? It certainly wasn’t from all the evidence. That’s why I try my best not to let my biases even come into play. When a person picks something to believe first (with no basis)and then looks for supporting evidence, they have already let their biases interfere and they will likely see what they believe. I think it’s best just to observe and accept the cards where they fall, whether you find it appealing or not, without any preconceived ideas. I did say “no basis”, so I’m not referring to where science has good reason to investigate something that they “think” exists. Obviously we wouldn’t know about atoms if we had to see them first, but there were plenty of reasons to assume they did exist.

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