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Atheist what do you think about shamanism and using hallucinogen drugs for spiritual growth?

just wondering.


  1. I’d say that back in the day, people actually thought they saw and/or communed with the spirits when they took something. Some believe it today, but many just use it as an excuse to get high.
    As far as using drugs for spiritual growth… no. Again, many believe that getting lit makes one more spiritual. In fact all it does is make the brain operate in a different way. The ‘insights’ they receive are just random firing of synapses on overdrive.
    That being said, even though I don’t support drug use, I DO realize that it makes people more creative. For all the great music and wacked out stories you hear, you gotta hand it to those controlled substances.

  2. monks, shamans, all assortment of spiritually inclined people have used certain drugs to enhance their connection with their higher power, I cant see any big deal in it, if they are truly spiritually inclined, however I do have a few problems with fakes using drugs and then claiming spiritual visions, or the otherwise misguided fools who take drugs and then convince others that it is pathway to enlightenment One only has to look at some examples of recent history to see where the wrong people have claimed a power and it has been a total disaster…. Charlie Manson is one such case there are others I just could be bothered to give exact facts and figures (look it up if you like) do the research.

  3. One of the wings in the marijuana controversy supports their legalizations claims in the fact that Sativa seeds are found in history since ancient times and mostly associated to consecration rituals in many cultures all over the world. In India, cannabis seeds have religious significance and there is evidence that marijuana was cited in many of the original sacred texts.
    A gift from the gods, according to Indian mythology, the magical Cannabis “lowered fevers, fostered sleep, relieved dysentry, and cured sundry other ills; it also stimulated appetite, prolonged life, quickened the mind, and improved judgement.”

  4. Depends alot on WHICH hallucinogenic drugs……..if one can make it happen without them that is the better choice.

  5. I’m inclined to think that spiritual anything is just wishful thinking so growth in it is just more irrationality. I cite José Argüelles and the late Terrence McKenna, both men of considerable talents whose drug use seems to have led them to spouting gibbering idiocies and occultism.

  6. I don’t like many or any drug induced states because I think they make us less productive, especially hallucinogens.
    Try boxing, running, or any sport and you will see it will just slows you down. Not only does it weaken you physically, but it doesn’t allow you to be very alert or in control of yourself.

  7. It is not done very often. It’s not like its taken lightly as in the wests use of recreational drugs. It is a sacrament. I’ve only taken them once during my initiation, it was not the best of experiences, very harsh and many have died. You fast for 48 hours, take bucket loads of the stuff, and then you are buried alive in a cave for 3 days. You either come out dead, a poet or totally insane. Higgerty giggerty. lolz
    The idea is once you have experienced the ‘nagual’ you never need to consume the plant helper guides again, because once a place has been visited you have set up a link so can revisit at will. If you can’t do that and need to keep taking them, you are not a Shaman. 🙂
    Different Animists have different traditions though, I’m just describing my cultures version.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.


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