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Atheist if energy can not be created or destroyed and is in the unverse, is the universe energy?

Does this mean energy is eternal, are we energy, if energy is in the universe and energy is eternal, did it form the unverse? Please someboy explain this to me. Is energy our creater? Some people say the unverse had a begining.


  1. You are implying that the universe is it’s own creator. There is no evidence for that however..
    That would be an infinite causal chain. How was energy itself created….and so on and so on
    It is more likely that the universe came into existence due to some transdimensional external force that was not subject to the constraints of spacetime
    Everard: Not only is your answer totally without evidence, but it is clearly not possible within a spacetime dimension that anything can exist without cause

  2. We are all just energy. At the end of the day every thing you experience is just energy being translated by your brain. Taste, feel, sight etc. is all just energy that your brain interprets. The world is the way you see it because that is how your brain tells you it is. Everything is energy, this is why noone really ever dies. Your conscious self does but that energy that makes you will be around forever.

  3. All I want to know is, the energy that binds together the nucleus of the atom, where does it come from and how is it derived.
    I need an equation that answers the second part of the question.
    (It is energy/mass that cannot be created or destroyed.)

  4. Energy and matter can be converted. In a way that does make energy our (everything’s) creator, but we are talking about a natural mechanism not a design or action.
    Energy in some form is eternal yep – bearing in mind the human understanding of eternal and the fact that time began as a function of space and matter. Yes it indeed formed the universe.
    The universe as we know it had a beginning. That does not mean that nothing existed at that time, nor does it mean there was any “before” that time (see the point about time itself having a beginning).

  5. For a long time it was thought that energy could not be created or destroyed, it could only change form. And matter could not be created or destroyed, it could only change form. There was only so much energy in the universe, only so much matter in the universe, and there could never be any more or any less of either.
    But Einstein took us one step further. Energy could be converted to matter and vice versa. Energy and matter, he said, were both made of the same thing. And there is only so much of -that-, whatever it is.
    In a nuclear reaction, some matter is converted to energy. When a uranium atom splits into two lead atoms, some energy is released. The two lead atoms weigh less than the original uranium atom, because some of its mass has been converted to energy.

  6. There is another substance called…matter. Energy is the result of using subatomic particles that collide with each other.
    Go to science topic section as I am not a scientist.

  7. Oh man – another atheist = physicist/cosmologist question.
    Clue = science section.
    PS the Big Bang Theory was originally proposed by a priest. So why don’t you ask theists? (joke)

  8. Yes – energy and matter are different forms of the same thing.
    We don’t know what was before the big bang, but we know that universe at is is today (and last week, too) started with the big bang.

  9. Something had to always exist, or we woul question what came before it… How can we perceive “nothingness”? Darkness is something we know to exist also, it is not “nothing”.

  10. “Some people say the unverse[universe] had a begining[beginning].”
    ONLY godsters suggest that.
    The rest of us know the universe has always been … expanding and contracting since before forever existed.
    It can NOT be any other way.
    No god
    No proof
    No need.

  11. Yes, energy and matter are the things the universe is made of. Is energy our creator? It would depend on whether you want the creator to have consciousness. We have no evidence that the universe has consciousness, but in terms of matter and energy, it is the source of our existence…

  12. That’s very nearly it. Matter is just a very stable form of energy, so in that sense, yes, energy did (and does) form the universe. Though rather than saying energy is our creator, it’d be more accurate to say we are created out of energy. Whether you believe that creator is a deity or the natural forces of the universe is your business.

  13. To an extend. Rather, there is no such thing as energy – just as there is no such thing as matter. Both of these terms can be transformed (the formula is already listed by other answerers) – so it is not really valid to talk about matter and energy separately.
    As far as our creator part – well, not exactly, no. Energy is what we are (in the form of matter). Somewhat similar to say “is your today’s lunch your creator?” – not exactly, no.

  14. We are full of energy as well as crap, more to do with the adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine which produce sugar and phosphoric acid molecules and produce amino acids. We are jumped up chemistry sets.
    Recycled energy until the batteries run out!


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