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Atheist: Does the teleological argument ever make you wish you could reach back in time and… ?

swat Thomas Aquinas on the head with a rolled up newspaper? Way to recycle some really old philosophy and turn it into theosophy, dude!


  1. Nah, someone else would have come up with it eventually anyway.
    Since it’s easy to point out the logical flaw in the argument, I don’t really mind.

  2. Can you blame him? He did not have access to modern day biology and cosmology. He was a man of the age he lived in.

  3. Aquinas’ arguments actually better serve Christians who already accept God’s existence than atheists. They do not recognize them since they are primarily constructs from logic and not from science.

  4. I really the folks who use more recent stuff like the Crusades and the Inquisition, they are so much better.

  5. No.
    The teleological argument goes hand in hand with the scientific argument. He had too little info to be really relevant.

  6. The argument has been given new legs by recent discoveries in physics and cosmology. But it is more accurate to call it an argument to design, rather than from design.
    It is undeniable that the universe does appear to be designed for the generation of life. It was this argument that ultimately convinced Antony Flew to become a theist, or deists if one makes that distinction. Flew is certainly no lightweight. His conversion speaks of the power of this argument, even if it does not guarantee its validity.

  7. That’s SAINT Thomas to you, commoner!
    I’m not an atheist but sometimes I think it might be fun to swat him just because he is so hard to follow. I mean the guy wrote VOLUMES of text that makes my right eyebrow slowly go up as I read it. I find myself saying, “Huh?” out loud to nobody in particular.
    He wrote about things no human could possibly know. Like how many guardian angels there are! I mean… really?

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