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Atheist could intelligent design be a plausible theory if we take God out of the equation?

Is it possible that the Cosmic Universe created itself? Giving rise to consciousness and materialism so that it could see itself?
Do Atoms exhibit human qualities by changing its behavior when we perform different test on it? Are they conciousness?
Human qualities? Since when did consciousnesses become exclusively a human quality. Are there not animals which have lower levels of consciousness than us and
isn’t it plausible that a being could be far more conscious than us.


  1. No, because that is giving the Universe human qualities, which is essentially God.
    Edit: When a person says consciousness, they are almost always referring to a human level.

  2. In a sense, it is. God never was part of the equation. Life ‘installed’ itself as part of the ‘boot up’ system, clearly there is life now, and there wasn’t life then. If it didn’t come from inorganic inanamate materials, where did it come from?

  3. No. It always existed.
    The universe is not able to see itself and not conscious regardless if it was intelligently designed or not

  4. Intelligent design could be a plausible hypothesis if and only if there is some evidence for it – and there ain’t any.


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