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Athame question, primarily directed at pagans and Ceremonial Magick users?

Does it matter what material the blade is made from? I have been reading that metal is preferred, supposedly for conductivity. A while ago I saw that horn blades were cheaper so I made my own athame using one of these http://themoonwillow.com/catalog/images/RAHOR.jpg and a branch.
Would you know if horn is worse than metal or less suited to normal workings? I think I’ve read someone that horn is used for more “shamanistic” workings, but does that mean its worse for standard Wicca?
Thanks, and please, no Bible quotes 🙂


  1. Although metal is preferred, Horn and even stone actually harken back to the days when the religions were first formed. If you want to get nostalgic, make a stone knife.
    I will ring your doorbell and run away!!!

  2. Making the blade yourself confers a lot more power in it. What’s more important than the material it is made of is your confidence in its power.
    : )

  3. Yeah, metal is choice for it’s conductivity. The same way a lightening rod directs electric energy to a desired location (though usually the ground), a metal Athame will better conduct the Auric Energy from the Human Body as directed by the mind.
    It’s also important to remember, as you may already know based on your elaboration, that a Ritual Tool you make yourself will always be more attuned to you and your workings than one bought in a store. That’s not to say Storebought Ritual Tools can’t be VERY effective, you just have to have a stronger ability to direct and move the energy you’re using to your desired end, which usually comes only with greater practice and experience. This is true in Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Satanism of all kinds, and any other Occult Magickal Ritual or Ceremony I can name.
    As for a horn-blade, of course it’s not a straight line as far as the blade goes, so it would seem to me that you’ll need to be better able to visualize the energy leaving the blade (Visualization being key in almost every Ritual Working) than you would with a more straight blade.
    In the end, it matters little what you use, as the aspect of Divinity you are trying to reach will be just as receptive to your needs, whatever tools you use.
    I’m not sure you’ll be able to stop people from using Bible Quotes in their answers here, though. More often than not, anyone who answers a question in the “Religion and Spirituality” section won’t have ever heard the words “No” and “Bible Quotes” used in the same sentence =P
    Best Wishes, and good luck with your workings…
    Ave Satanas!

  4. I wouldn’t get too hung up on what it is made of. It’s more important that it is attuned to you. If you are crafting it, it is likely to work for you regardless of the material in it.
    I have made several over the years and can honestly say that I find little difference in how they conduct energy. Even tempered glass has worked. I have athames made from steel, iron, copper, bone, shell and glass.
    El Bee….
    Long time Wiccan

  5. The Athame is a very personal item. I would say any tool that you make yourself is preferable to a purchased one because you put something of yourself into its creation. I also see the material as more of a personal preference. You may feel more in tune with a stone or horn blade than a metal one or vice versa. Personally, I have two. One is metal which I use when travelling to avoid breakage. The other is black obsidian that I use in the privacy of my home.

  6. Some might say it has to be metal with a black handle…. But I think most Wiccans are of the mind whatever you make will be better at directing the energy.
    Mine was actually made by a good friend who is a glassblower I am trying to find something a little more durable though.
    hehe, you tempt me so much to find a random funny quote from the bible just cuz you said no quote. I’m gonna go find the one about puking from psalms when I get home =P

  7. It is my belief but any type of material is fine for an athame. The part you seem to be so concerned with the materials isnt to me the part you should worry about, because if you are wondering if the athame is good enough than you arent putting all your energy into the spell because part of it is worrying about the athame. What you use doesnt matter the materials arent going to make the spell work it is the intention and focus you put into it also fasting can help. But whatever makes you most comfortable is what matters. Always remember that what you put out you get back times three. Hope my advise helped alittle.

  8. I would say that a horn athame that you feel connected to because you have made it yourself is going to be way more power full, in ANY type of ritual work, than any machine made metal blade.
    It is my experience when working with ritual items, that although some materials are better for certain purposes, its really more about what works with your personal energy and the type of person you are.
    I have an athame made out of an old obsidian blade shard I found long ago. I’ve even seen some made of wood. Its all about what kind of connection you feel between you and it when you hold it in your hands.

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