At what point in fetal development do you think consciousness begins?

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The Tao of Atheism - Atheati CO

Spiritually speaking?

josh!!!! (*_*)

Brain activity doesn’t start functioning until the third trimester I believe. Though I’m very tired, so I could be wrong.


Not before the part of the brain that’s exclusive to humans develops, at around 20 weeks.


eh, not until at least the 6th month.

Wild Thing

day 12


During labour.

яi¢кy!³ ~P3D~

If they’re lucky, around age 25


From the Catholics point of view – “the moment the man removed the woman’s bra”


Real consciousness doesn’t begin until quite some time after you’re born.

Karl P

At Conception!!

Andrew K

Some psychologists place true self awareness at as late as two years of age.
The upper brain function that allows for consciousness isn’t present until the second trimester.


Whenever the brain is formed, and I honestly don’t know when that is. But it’s not at conception, obviously.

neil s

Once the neocortex develops, toward the end of the second trimester.


conception. Why? When the sperm meets the egg, you have the complete genetic make-up of a new human being–one that hasn’t been here before. This new cell undergoes completely new changes and becomes something completely different. Furthermore, it begin growth and development–a process that will not stop until death. At no other time during its life will such a massive transformation occur.
EDIT: thumbs down–good sign i’m on the right track. There is no other time when there’s such a massive biological change–why can’t that be the beginning of consciousness? I’m assuming we’re not talking memory, but thinking.


Wrong section. This has nothing to do with R&S.


It actually happens during the procreative act itself when the female says “oh god!”


Who says it begins during the fetal stage? What about after birth?
Your bias is showing.

××ž× ×“×”

It is a complete denial of biology to state that consciousness begins at conception.

Ace of Spades


T.V. is a Mind Control Box

If you are talking about abortion, it would be like people drowning puppies as they are being born. It’s just wrong and God says it is too.


After birth, I suppose. But if I really wanted to know, I wouldn’t ask people’s opinions. I’d research the biology of it.

Who are you?

Do you remember being in your mother’s womb?


I believe even before conception.


Actually science has not even figured this out yet so I guess it is ok to continue to ponder…

John D.

Consciousness precedes the creation of the physical body.

Rai A

Depending on the individual. I sometimes think at 25 years of age, others I suspect never.
Had a Judo Sensei once suggest at 14 then it stops again until the end of adolescence.

snowy kitty

day 7


Somewhere around the 2nd trimester is when the baby’s brain starts to develop and they start having brain functions.


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