At what extend astrology is true? Should I believe in this or it is just a source of making money?

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I want honest answers please. I love my husband a lot and someone in my is astrologer . he told me that I have 2 marraiges in my life. My husbands life is in danger.. Please help. I will apriciate true answers.

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there are forces in this universe that cannot be ex plained,just observed and noted for coinchadents!


Astrology is absolute rubbish, without a shred of sense, rationality or truth. Just ignore it.
If this makes you cross, beat up the astrologer for screwing with your life and marriage.


knowing your future will only bring misery to you…… just the state you are in now…… you still don’t know whatever the astrologer told you is going to happen or not…….. it has only managed to create a further doubt in your mind……… live in the moment……. enjoy every moment of your life…… because life is in the present…… not past or future……


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