At what age should I let my kid wear makeup?

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They have told me about eye stuff, face stuff, and all kinds of stuff that I can’t remember. It seems that they really did research about appearance. He’s my son and says that he wants this smoky aura to bring out his eyes? I don’t wear makeup but he wants me to help him figure out which lipstick will look best on him, but I am afraid people will think I am weird if I go in the makeup department.

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a chick

People will think you’re weird if you’re in the makeup section but not if your son wears it?


Screw what other people think. Your son is learning to express himself and will most likely grow out of wanting makeup.
But in the meantime, find a nice cosmetics lady who will willingly help you and your son. Do not be ashamed.


It might just be a phase, let him try it out

The Ḿighty ₡aptain Ṏbviouṣ

Him? Smoky aura to bring out his eyes?
I think the guyliner is going to be the least of your worries.


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