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At what age can one start studying the Kabbalah?

I am wondering what the Jewish faith states is the proper age one can start to study the Kabbalah.
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  1. By tradition, one must be over 60 (I think) and be male. However, I do not now what the laws are for this present day and age.

  2. any age. you may not fully understand it when you are child, but it is a commandment to “teach your children Torah” so there really isnt an age minimum.

  3. You have to be at least 40 years old, and a devout torah observant Jew before you would be considered for study. Those requirements are still rigidly enforced.

  4. It used to be that only those 40 or over were supposed to study it. Generally speaking, Kabbalah will make the most sense to those who already have a good understanding of Torah, because Kabbalah involves a particular way of approaching Torah.
    So if you have a really thorough grounding in Judaism, that will help.
    If not, I recommend these two books, in this order:
    Torah For Dummies
    Kabbalah For Dummies
    – author of both is Arthur Kurzweil.
    – the above books are just to give you a very basic *idea*. They do not of course constitute actual Kabbalah 🙂

  5. At age 40.
    However, there are other prerequisites. One must be male, married, and know the entire Talmud inside out. He must also be taught by a teacher, and not learn by himself. Only then will he have the capability to even begin understanding Kabbalah.

  6. You’re supposed to have studied the Bible considerably already, be middle-aged and married, and have a stable family life before you even consider studying the Kabbalah.

  7. It’s not what the faith itself says. It was the fact that no responsible teacher would take on any students younger than 40, who hadn’t already assiduously studied Torah in a more conventional manner.
    In an earlier question today, I pointed out that texts primarily pose questions, living life gives answers. We all have the answers already. It’s just that they don’t make sense until we know the proper questions to ask.

  8. as soon you are able to read and be open to what you read and belief. in the Jewish faith have a serious controversy with astrology between the orthodox and the old tradition that live by the Torah. but astrology is more ancient than Judaism belief so you are fine if you like astrology and can develope wisdom for prognostication start your Kabbalah studies now” good luck and find in the stars positive future.


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