At what age are you supposed to introduce your child to the occult?





I’d hate for him to reach 7th grade without having his first animal sacrifice. Thanks!


  1. look idk what i would tell him just keep him off drugs trust me i know a lot about the occult and its not something to play with just sit him down and tell him whats going on in the world here are some verse
    Convulsions, Mark 1:26.
    Violence, Matt. 8:28.
    Abnormal strength, Mark 5:4.
    Raving, Mark 5:5
    Self-mutilation, Mark 5:5
    Foaming at the mouth, Mark 9:20
    Public nakedness, Luke 8:27
    Living among corpses, Mark 5:3
    A type of grinding of the teeth, Mark 9:18
    Falling into fires and throwing oneself into dangerous things, Matt. 17:15
    Matthew 9:34; 12:24; Mark 3:22; Luke 11:15
    hope this helps good luck oh remember Demon possession occurs when an actual fallen angel, a demon, enters and occupies the body of an unbeliever. Demons cannot enter the bodies of Christian believers because the Christian’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Inviting demons can be accomplished in a number of ways.
    * Through idolatry (Satan’s communion table), 1 COR. 10:19-21*.
    * Through drug addiction, called in Greek, farmakeia, “the use of drugs, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft, sorcery” GAL. 5:20 (“witch-craft, sorcery”), cf. also REV.9:21; 18:23.
    * Through religious backsliding, religious sensitivity activities such as dabbling in the occult, consulting mediums, necromancy. cf. ISA. 8:19. Demon Influence is the residence of evil in the soul; can be unbeliever (ROM. 1:23) or believer. This is the method that Satan uses to trap and neutralize the believer, by introducing, if allowed, the Doctrine of Evil inside the soul of the born-again believer. Demon influence in the believer comes about in the later stages of negativity, or backsliding.
    The first stage of backsliding is some kind of reaction to life — whether discouragement, disillusion, disenchantment, boredom, self-pity, loneliness, frustration, instability, pride complex and various sins of arrogance, revenge tactics, reaction to contemporary events or social pressures, etc. Whatever causes it, the reaction stage makes one very vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. This is not the entrance into demon influence, at this point, but merely vulnerability to it.
    The second stage of backsliding is the frantic search for happiness following the trends of the Sin Nature (towards asceticism or lasciviousness). This also increases vulnerability, especially as one moves away from the protection of doctrine and Grace provision.
    The third stage intensifies the reaction stage, but still has only the potentiality, not the actuality, of demon influence. It is at the fourth stage of backsliding, in which the soul is in revolt emotionally, where the possibility of demon influence comes in. Doctrinal content is located in the mentality of the soul (including standards, conscience, frame of reference, memory center, vocabulary, doctrinal storage under edification, and the area of applied doctrine resulting in production of divine good). It is the lack of doctrinal content which is the primary factor in vulnerability to demon influence.
    The soul also has its area of response to outside influences, centered in the emotions of the soul. Emotion has no doctrinal content, no character of its own, no spiritual content, no ability to think or rationalize, or even to use common sense. It is designed to respond; it is not designed to lead or initiate anything. The tongues movement is an illustration of the soul’s emotions being led about by falsehood. Sometimes believers in the tongues movement are under demon influence. Sometimes unbelievers are actually demon possessed.
    The thing that opens the door for demon influence in the life of the believer is negative volition toward the Word of God. The believer says “Negative” to doctrine and opens up a vacuum in his soul. Whatever evil is in the neighborhood will be picked up — false teaching, TV, newspaper…
    Regardless of what causes the negative attitude, the effect is the same. It may be antagonism or a negative attitude or personality conflict with the pastor, or with other members of the congregation. It may be apathy or indifference to teaching. It may be failure to use Grace provision, Faith Rest, or inability to handle prosperity, slavery to the details of life. Whatever it is, negative volition opens up the emptiness of the soul.
    As a result of evil in the soul, there is demon influence, the “darkness in the soul” of Eph. 4. There is the infiltration of the doctrines of Satan into the soul of the reversionistic person (believer or unbeliever). Here, the believer is “worshipping and serving the creature rather than the Creator”.
    There are two systems for demon possession of the unbeliever. The first is the unlawful isolation of dormant facilities. The body is brought under the control of the soul, and the soul has been given to Satan. It is like a conversion in reverse. Seances, or the ceremony called the Satanic mass, are means by which this is accomplished. This person

  2. awwww classic food dude…. start them young, if they can use a knife properly then they should be good

  3. As soon as he’s old enough to maintain a nice rhythm on the tambourine and make change for people that buy the pencils.

  4. middle school
    you should set up a visit to the mcdonalds meat recovery plant – thats a GREAT intro to darkness

  5. You have to teach them about drugs first.. you don’t want them to get shorted or ripped off

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