At the end of the night will Nick Saban hold up the crystal ball?

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i think he will and drop it and it will shatter into pieces. GO HORNS!!!

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haylee ✿

lol! hook em horns 🙂
im from alabama but im a die hard auburn fan so i want texas to beat thier butts!




Saban will hold up the crystal ball and Cody will hold up McCoys!!

123 (lost a bet)

LOL. Hook ’em (from a Michigan fan).


Atheists: Isn't believing that consciousness originates from the brain the same as believing that…?

...water originates from a faucet? Sorry but I like analogies and I wanted your take on it.

Why do people think the astral holds all the answers?

Or for that matter, any of the mythical beasties such as moon beasts, Jovian and Saturnian cats, and unicorns? Give me your thoughts,...

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When you're sleeping, is it a different reality, but still a reality?

What do you think of cultural appropriation of Shamanism by non-indigenous cultures?

Sensitive issue; maybe I should have used a disclaimer concerning Neoshamanism.
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