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At Jesus’ death, how many followers did he have? Is that more or less than Muhammad, Buddha or Ron Hubbard?

It seems that Christianity grew significantly in the four centuries after Jesus’ death.
But did he have many followers when he died?
How does that compare with the number of adherants that Muhammad, Buddha and Ron Hubbard had during their lives?


  • Jesus was not a famous celebrity and did not look nearly as good as Fabio Lanzoni during his life or he would have had a lot more followers and would have never been so wrongly judged and crucified. You can see that same kind of judgement now days. People are treated and judged differently by how they look and their celebrity status no matter how good or bad they may be.

  • None!!

    There is not one single mention of Jesus in the entire Roman record – that is right – not one!!! At the same time as he was supposed to have been around there were a number of Jews claiming to be the messiah – all of whom are well recorded!!

    There is not a single contemporary record from any source and even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!!

    He was supposed to have been a huge problem to the Romans and produced wonderful miracles but still not one contemporary record?

    Even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!!

    Pilate is recorded in the Roman record as a somewhat lack luster man but no mention of a Jesus, a trial or crucifixion that would surely have been used to make him look brighter!!

    At best he was an amalgam of those others!!

      • The Annals were written 116 CE, 80ish years after the events and Suetonius was born in 69 CE (30+ years after the events supposedly occurred). Neither can be described as contemporary. Even if they were, neither support that Jesus was an real person as they only state that there are groups of people that believe he was.

  • he had only 12
    muhammed got way more ( as he could take over the whole arabian semi island before he dies )
    but if you’re refering to the fact that christianity wasn’t popular thus it’s not right .. that’s a total false ..
    from my point of view .. jesus ( as a character not a man really existed ) is a way better person and a way better prophet than muhammed .. let’s not include buddha in this as he has a whole different concept about everything ..
    muhammed was a brilliant political leader .. but that’s about it .. islam was really important for the arabs at a certain time .. and what muhammed did was really nessesary .. but no spiritual message what so ever
    i’m not defending christianity .. i’m an atheist .. i’m just saying that the message jesus’s spread at his time ( supposdly he really did exist ) was a way better message ( spiritually ) than muhammed’s

    • Jesus had no inferiority complex like Mohammed, he did not need to kill people or force his message – the message was a kind that was very different from what people understood at the time – it was a message of peace and love not war and hate

  • The notion of the inner circle of twelve is probably not that reliable; there was undoubtedly an inner circle, but it may have had different numbers of people in it at different time, and people probably came and went to some extent.

    The tale of feeding five thousand people is almost certainly hyperbole, and who in that illiterate community could count reliably a large crowd anyway?

    I suspect that his serious followers numbered around a hundred or so. It seems unlikely to have been more than that, as it is not mentioned until much later when the numbers have gone way up, and Christians are even found among the rich.

    I don’t know how many followers those folks had, but Hubbard can’t even shine the shoes of the other folks mentioned.

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