Home Discussion Forum At 48 , loser. making $9/h. Should I give up hopes?

At 48 , loser. making $9/h. Should I give up hopes?

I am extremely lazy and wanted to become a programmer. But I don;t seem to focus. I am thinking giving up on my hope. I am 48 / single no kids and making $9/H in a hotel.
PS: I tried Zen Meditation but it does not seems to help


  1. Hey you, if you think, that you are lazy and you can not change it, maybe you should think about seeing a doc, but then of course, making 9 bucks an hour, how? Giving up and trying zen meditation….What? All that in almost one sentence? You can not just sit down and say:”oh, hey, everything is going wrong, let me just meditate here for a sec.”
    Get up in the morning, tell yourself, that you are not lazy and that you can do what you want to do. But then, on the other hand if you are lazy, that might be to much.
    Don’t give up! What? Are you a quieter. Cowboy up and do what needs to be done.

  2. Great.
    You think you can learn programming by meditating? Here’s a thought. How about making some RIGHT effort. Wrong effort won’t help you in the slightest degree.
    oh, it’s too HARD to study. Can’t I just sit on my @ss looking at my belly button?

  3. You can either give up on your self or put more focus into it?
    Which one do you really want to do?
    Than what are you waiting for.
    Zen meditation isn’t going to help you get where you need to go.

  4. First of all, you need to get a physical. There are some illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, that can make you feel very lazy. They can be treated.
    If you are OK physically, then I guess you just have to find a way to MAKE yourself improve your life.
    One of the ways that I stay happy is that I try to always have something to look forward too. Lunch with a friend, a movie I want to see, going to a party — whatever. Try to plan something at least once a week that you will look forward too.
    Also, try volunteering. NOTHING lets you feel better than helping someone else.
    Good luck.

  5. you r doing fine, still making a living. The world is one messy place, don’t give up. Try earning more by being positive about yourself,you seem to be a nice guy. I know of someone who is 60 n had no income for 8 years, suffering from depression n few broken relationships but is going to fight for a better life. , 48 is still young…you have 30 years ahead of you.

    go out, meet people get some inspiration, live life to the maxx!!
    you are not old, i know people who are 76 and did their VCE (end of yr 12 exam in Australia) and got great jobs, you have so much ahead of you, make something of yourself,
    you can do this !!!

  7. Let’s look at this.
    No. You should not give up hope. What would that accomplish? More negative behaviors leading to more negative consequences leading to more inadequate feeling. Who *wants* that?
    A pessimistic attitude breeds pessimistic behavior. A positive attitude breeds positive behavior.
    How about counting your blessings? Let’s try.
    Keep in mind that some of your blessings are easy to identify. Some are unseen & you will never truly know how blessed you really are, however, just *know* that you are.
    * You’re 48 yrs old & alive.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to read.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to feel.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to hear.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to smell.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to taste.
    * You have been blessed with the ability to change, if you should choose to.
    * You have access to the internet which if used constructively is a powerful thing that can work in your best interest.
    * You have the eyesight to see all the beauty around you that. Birds, trees, water fountains. Smiling children. The rain.
    * In these ever changing economic times you have a job. That’s a big thing. There are millions of out of work people struggling to find a job. Any job. There are people who have been out of work for many weeks, many months who would be thrilled to have a $9/hr paying job.
    The blessings go on and on. Think about all of the small things that you are able to do. There is always someone who does not have as much as you do. They would trade places with you in a heartbeat if given the chance, I assure you.
    Try affirmations. Buy some sticky notes & write your blessings on them. Post them around the house. Write “Give myself some credit” on one & put it some place that you’ll see it often, like the bathroom mirror or fridge. Write “I am NOT lazy” on one and put it by your bed so you see it when you get ready to go to bed & when you wake.
    Laziness is choice. It’s a mental state of mind. It is something you can change with a little motivation deep in your core. If you want to change, and I’m guessing you do if you’re posting for opinions from strangers, then change. Make a conscious choice and do it. Work at it a little everyday.
    Do something small for someone else. Random acts of kindness make a big difference in someone’s life & can make you feel so good about yourself. Buy a positive card for someone. Send a thank you to someone who has done something for someone else that you were able to witness with your own eyes. Put a quarter or two in a parking meter for a stranger. Smile at someone! Smile at yourself.
    There are millions of things you can do, if you truly want to feel better about yourself & your situation. I am a firm believer in conscious choices. I believe that if you sit down and contemplate things, you’ll see that the power of choice is an amazing thing. You can always change your choices!
    Let me tell you, we have all been there. We have all thought that we were just sitting, spinning our wheels & not getting anywhere. We have all felt as though we were inadequate. You matter. I matter. We all matter.
    Baby steps, dude. That’s how you do it. A little at a time, move forward just a little at a time.
    Best of luck!!!

  8. Your question should be “How do I stop being lazy? ” Lazy people earn $9 per hour. If you want to be good at something you have to learn how to do it. Did you bother? No you say well I guess if you don’t do something about it you will stay a loser BUT if you really want to you could stop being lazy and learn things and stop being lazy. I h ope you do. You are not too old to get started.


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