At 48 and having high blood pressure how can that be possible?

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I start to include about 20 organic dates in my diet everyday , I was told they are extremely god for the heart and gives natural energy. I walk a lot. but what I did not know is that dates were aphrodisiac!! Damn before I was normal calm etc..(I do Zen Meditation) but now since I eat those dates all I am thinking is to bang my girlfriend. What is up with that and the dates??

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What has that got to do with your BP? You don’t even mention your numbers. If you don’t like what the date do to you, cut back on them or stop eating them. Most men would not complain about what the “side effect” is. The choice is yours. Eat less of them or none at all.


at 48 certainly u can have hypertension as well as others, stop eating annoying food materials.

Simon Gruffydd

It is possible to have high blood pressure at any age – although the older you get the chances of developing hypertension increases. This means that as we get older we have to more mindful of how we eat and how much exercise we get.
The good news is that healthy blood pressure levels are possible at any age without needing to take medications – if we maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I am a few years older then u , but the good thing is u want to bang your girlfriend . anyway it could be stress , i agree with the others here. cutback on the dates, if your b.p. is still a problem see a doctor.


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