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Astronomy or Astrology? Which is the better tool for studying outer space?

Would you rather use a telescope, or a horoscope, when you are stargazing?


  1. Astromomy is the job and astrology is the name of the study
    so both are equal in betterness
    i would use a telescope
    horoscopes dont work with the sort of stuff you WANT to look at
    Hope i helped xx

  2. you can’t see any stars with a horoscope now can you. Astronomy=telescope daily paper=horoscope
    I suppose you could roll up your newspaper and pretend it is a telescope though! 😀

  3. I love astronomy and astrology both. Astronomy is to study outer space. Astrology is to study the influence those things in space have on a personal and generational level. Completely different areas of study.

  4. Surprisingly, outer space can be know by going within to inner space. (the kingdom is within you) This resource explains the way to the kingdom… http://gospelenigma.com
    So both telescope and the “inner scope” is the Key to perfect knowledge.

  5. Astronomy is simply the observation and measurement of celestial bodies, while astrology is an attempt to find some sort of “meaning” or “influence” in the planetary positions

  6. Eza your funny lol. okay well if you want to actually study space then ofcourse use a horoscope. astrology is like a really good soap! All though we have the same characteristics…its not always reliable! But very entertaining though

  7. The only thing you can see through a horoscope is the fraudulence or delusion of the compiler. Telescopes on the other hand tend to show things that are really there. So on the whole, when studying outer space or looking for the Jolly Roger on a possible pirate ship, I’d prefer the telescope.

  8. guess you’re running down. Astronomy studies outer space. Astrology studies the inner space between the ears of those who believe in it. Might as well believe in talking snakes and creationism.


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