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astronomer's please expain your views on what's happening?

You will need all your wits about you today as the universal picture takes on a cloudy aura. There is always excitement and potential empowerment at the time of the New Moon and this one energizes 22 degrees of Cancer (5:05AM PDT). However, this solar-lunar union also starts a void cycle that lasts until 7:44PM PDT. Therefore, it is hard to really be gung-ho and super assertive until 7:44PM PDT and the arrival of warm-hearted and radiant Leo Moon. In the meantime, three big events occur during the void lunar time-period: Mars parallels Saturn (9:13AM PDT); Venus enters Virgo (11:25AM PDT); and Mars in Taurus squares Chiron in Aquarius (1:04PM PDT). The Mars-Saturn parallel – that functions in a similar manner to a zodiacal conjunction – warns you against pessimistic thinking or projecting anger on dear ones. Watch out for physical, emotional or mental burnout. Venus arriving in Virgo territory can sharpen your senses and deepen your desire to conduct research on scholarly subjects. Nevertheless, you need to steer clear of the urge to criticize yourself and others. The Mars-Chiron face-off suggests learning more about holistic healing techniques and scientific advances. Nevertheless, despite today’s four main celestial happenings, you may want to retreat from the maddening crowd for psychological refueling. Do not be surprised if you feel a great sense of relief tonight once the Moon is safely in Leo. Host a casual party or enjoy an evening of entertainment.
now if you would please,,just ignore the signs,, but do explain to me about the new stars ,, and what is chiron to you and how far is it to the earth,, as you can clearly see there is quit a lot of flack going on in the world for all to see,, now this is a naughty thing and I must say it’s sure has been a subject that has raised quit a bit of eyebrows,, at any rate how is your day going so far
The Galactic Centre–The centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, located by radio astronomers at 26 degrees of jupiter 30′
how many degress does it move in 70 years?
Aviophage, your to much,, you hide behind your email’s,, and proclaim to know so much in your subjects all in all you know so little, I have done my research along with some of my friends on our group, we all agree you must keep your opinion’s to yourself if they are not out of kindness this is not what were here for, all I see is a very insecure little girl who hides behind rose colored glasses, and tries to show what little knowledge you have by just trying to keep up with the Jones,, you wanted to know a question about astronomy it seems I gave you the best of all that we could see, and for your information we as astrolgers and astronomers find your antics uncalled for, And yes as to your comment I do know quite a bit about all subject’s. but, you need a clean up in your etiquette as your behavior is unexceptable, and for all of you to know Ms,,and sometime’s Mrs,, does go to our board of astrolgers to ask questions of love~~ so please stop being a martyr & be a good girl ok? chow


  1. There is no scientific evidence that the motion of bodies in the solar system has anything to do with anyone’s emotional life.

  2. its always fun to read such stuff, but disappointing to notice that people seem to believe in it.
    why don’t you just throw some dice ?

  3. Another confused person.
    You are mistaking astrology for astronomy. Voodoo and science represent two diametrically opposed points of view.

  4. First, learn the distinction between astrology and astronomy.
    Astrology is the silly thing about horoscopes and all related fictions. Astrology is based on myths and legends and has no relation whatever to reality.
    Astronomy is real science, and it is the study of the nature and motions of celestial objects. Its purpose is to learn about the nature of the real universe in real terms.
    Astrology is of no use at all to anyone, except as entertainment. I think Yahoo!Answers has a section on astrology under “entertainment.” Take my word for it; that’s all it’s useful for.
    Just think logically for a minute, if you are able to. How could the positions and motions of celestial objects thousands or millions of light years away possibly have any effect on events and personalities here on earth? Obviously they can’t have.
    So please do yourself a favor, and get interested in the study of real science, and leave the superstitious pseudo-science behind you.


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