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A friend of mine and I were arguing about astrology and she told me that he believes in astrology. She hasn’t provided me with any evidence that the belief makes any sense to me. She she been telling me that I can’t prove that it’s wrong. Does her answer have merit? Any suggestions/help/opinions?
Thanks to all of you


  1. A lot of nuts believe in this stuff. I have a friend who is always trying to advise me on how to deal with my kids based on my star sign, and theirs. It’s annoying, but she’s totally convinced that it’s true.

  2. Many people believe that observable patterns provided the foundation for astrological predictions, but I think it was originally a way to encode arcane knowledge in a more “hip and fun,” easily-remembered myth structure. She’s right, though, that it can’t be proven right or wrong, just like any other myth or belief. We simply don’t have the data. Remember that actual proof must follow the guidelines of the scientific method and not just include personal experience or anecdotal evidence. Most divination is intentionally vague nowadays, anyway, to allow for personal interpretation, so perhaps she just finds it a useful tool for soul-searching. On the other hand, perhaps she spends a huge amount of time doing the math to draw up specific astrological charts (or uses the software!) and gets answers that anecdotally apply to her experiences. The fact is, this is not a battle anyone can win, captain. It’s just what works for her.

  3. It would be very difficult to prove it wrong. That’s why burden of proof is generally on the person trying to prove something. All the disprover has to do is disprove the supposed supporting evidence.
    This is a basic bait and switch routine for someone who wants people to agree with them but can’t be bother to offer any critical thinking. If she wants to convince you that astrology is real, the burden of proof is on her. It makes no sense to believe in something solely because you can’t prove its wrong.
    Think of it this way…can you prove the tooth fairy doesn’t exist? I can’t. And yet, I don’t believe in her, because I have no reason to.

  4. its really up to you…i was no great believer, but a mild application here n there actually helps you dealwith different kind of people better….c’mon, any nut could tell you leos have big egos!

  5. Someone brought the Bible, religion and God into the conversation so, without further adeiu…
    Believing in astrology is like Believing in God. You have to have faith in something higher than yourself and something that you just can’t scienfically prove exists.
    I believe in both. I figure. God created the sky and stars and God created humans with the capacity to learn and understand. God also seems to like to send messages to his creations, what better than the sky? It is up to each person to find their messages. Some will find them in a church, some through music and some through art and some in the stars.
    Also, the Bible was written by humans. They are supposedly inspired. Why couldn’t astrologers of old have been inspired as well?
    God didn’t stop talking to humans when the last page in the bible was written—If you listen you can hear..sometimes you can hear with your eyes and heart through the beauty in nature including the sky. Also, children learn to draw and do pictures before they learn to read and write. Humans knew art and nature before they knew books and words. God surely wouldn’t have dismissed their need to be enlightened in life.


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