Sun its effect on Astrology and Human consciousness

Raise your Vibration with Vipassana

Everything in the Universe is vibrating. This is no theory, it is a fact. The entire Universe is nothing but vibrations. The good vibrations make us happy, the unwholesome vibrations cause misery. Vipassana will help you come out of effect of bad vibrations- the vibrations caused by a mind full of craving and aversion. When the mind is perfectly balanced, the vibrations become good. And these good or bad vibrations you generate start influencing the atmosphere all around you.

Let go little self and discover your higher self

The second self is called spiritual self. Spiritual self stands for the higher self. Our little self or your ego came from the negative experiences that you have felt and see when you were young

Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This will provide you the quiet calm needed to see the truth of your nature and your place within yourself and the world. Your body, mind, and breath will become one.

Shadow People : Are There Parallel Dimension ?

In different society of different cultures, there are persons that believe or disbelieve shadow people. Some say that they are just weak hallucinations when you are trying to scare yourself. But for the others, especially for those who can really see in their visions, shadow people is a supernatural phenomenon that feeds energies from you when you are feeling helpless and frightened.

The sun is approximately 149,600,000 kilometers away from the earth. Our distance in the universe might be vast but the sun’s activities still have a powerful impact to our world.

Biophysician Dieter Broers, discovered evidence of a connection between the magnetic fields of the earth and various solar activities. He found out that solar flares and solar eclipses can cause a change in the earth’s magnetic fields and by extension, affects human consciousness.

Broers’ claim was supported by researchers from the Carlini Institute who were able to identify the effects of solar flares on the human body.

They discovered that solar flares affect an individual’s brain activity which includes equilibrium or the ability to regulate the balance of the body, along with other human behavior and psychophysiological response.

Various other studies suggest that a boost in solar activity can increase our brain’s capacity to handle information, expand our imagination, and create a positive transformation in us.

The sun plays a vital role in human existence. Without the sun’s heat and light, the earth will be a barren place. All living things from human beings to plants will cease to exist and our green earth will be turned to an abyss of nothingness and darkness. The importance of the sun has long been realized by human civilization.

In history, people worshiped the sun and associated its absence with the end of the world thus, they greatly feared eclipses. Devoid of scientific knowledge, they thought that the eclipse signifies the death of the sun and ultimately, the death of all. For one, the ancient Egyptians worshiped a sun god that they call “Ra.” Images of this sun god have been seen in various Egyptian artifacts and was a big part of the religion in ancient Egypt.

Native American tribes honor the sun as a life-giving force. Up to the present, some tribes still perform an annual Sun Dance as a sign of the renewal of man’s bond with life, earth, and the growing season. It is necessary that some matters be understood. First, it is necessary to know that, from a scientific point of view, the whole solar family is born out of the sun. The moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the rest of the planets, including this Earth, are all organic parts of the sun.

Slowly, life on Earth came into being — from plants to man. Man is an organic part of the Earth; the Earth is an organic part of the sun. It is like a mother who has a daughter, who in turn also has a daughter, and in all three of them, the same blood flows. Their bodies are made up of similar cells.

The scientists use a word “empathy” meaning shared sensitivity. Those things that are born from the same source have a sort of shared inner experience.

Out of the sun the Earth is born, and out of the Earth our bodies are born, and far away, the sun is our great grandparent. Whatsoever happens on the sun creates a vibration in every cell of our bodies. It must be that way because our cells are all born out of the sun.

The sun appears to be a great distance away but it is not so far. In every element of our blood and in every particle of our bones live the atoms of the sun. We are part of the sun, so it is no wonder that our lives are influenced by the sun.

There is a sort of empathy between the sun and ourselves. If we understand this empathy rightly, we can enter into one dimension of astrology.

This similarity of experience is described by scientists as empathy.

There is so much similarity between twins that they vibrate alike. Within the bodies of two such children there is an inner communication or dialogue which flows through some unknown channels.

Between the sun and the Earth also there are communication bridges like this, and every moment messages are being passed across these bridges. And similarly, communication bridges exist between the Earth and man.

So there is a continuous communication between man, the Earth and the sun. But that communication is very mysterious; it is inner and subtle. Let us also try to understand something about this.

There is a research center in America known as the Tree Ring Research Center. If you cut down a tree, you will find a number of rings or circles visible across the cut surface.

The beautiful decorative designs in the grain of wooden furniture are due to these circles. This research center has spent the last fifty years working on the formation of these rings.

Professor Douglas, the center’s director, who has spent a major part of his life studying them, has discovered a number of facts. Ordinarily, all of us know that the age of a tree can be calculated from the number of these rings.

Every year one new ring is grown; one new layer is made within the tree every year. If the tree is fifty years old, if it has seen fifty autumns, then fifty rings have formed inside the tree.

But it is surprising to know that these rings also indicate what sort of seasons there were in a particular year. If the seasons were hotter or wetter than usual, the ring formation is broader.

If the seasons were cold and dry, the ring is not so wide. It is possible to know when there were strong rains, when there was a drought, and when the seasons were very cold.

If Buddha had said that there was good rainfall in a particular year, the bodhi tree under which he sat would confirm the truth of it.

Buddha might have made a mistake, but the tree could not. The tree ring will be wider or thinner, indicating the type of season that particular year.

While conducting his research, Professor Douglas reached still another conclusion which was far beyond anything he could have anticipated.

He observed that the rings are wider every eleventh year — and every eleventh year there is maximum nuclear activity on the sun; the sun becomes more active. It is as if the sun has a periodic rhythm, and its radioactivity is then at a maximum.

During such a year a tree makes a wider ring — not in one forest or in one place or country, but all over the Earth, all trees behave similarly in order to protect themselves from the intensified radioactivity.

To protect itself from the excessive power that is released by the sun, the tree grows a thicker skin every eleventh year. Due to this phenomenon, scientists coined a new phrase: “global climate”.

The seasons are different in different places: it will be raining in one place, cold in another, and hot somewhere else; and the idea of there being a global climate has never existed before.

So in referring to the effects of this eleventh year, Professor Douglas coined the term “global climate”.

And while we may not notice it, trees do. There is a gradual decrease in the width of the tree rings that are formed after the eleventh year, and after five years there is again a gradual increase in the width up to the eleventh year.

If the trees are so sensitive that they can carefully record an event happening on the sun, then is it not possible that in the mind of man there might also be some layer…that man’s body might have a subtle sensitivity to the sun’s activity that creates ripples in his psyche?

Until now scientists have not been able to clearly find any effects in man’s body — yet it seems impossible that the body would not record such activity.

We belong to a universe where everything is connected, the sun is not just an important part of nature but it also plays a vital role in our spiritual journey.  Let the light of the sun in and transform you in ways you cannot even imagine.

Astrology is an investigation into the possibility that whatever is happening anywhere in the universe also affects man. ~ osho ~

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Let go little self and discover your higher self

The second self is called spiritual self. Spiritual self stands for the higher self. Our little self or your ego came from the negative experiences that you have felt and see when you were young

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